How to access in USA? [3 Steps Tutorial]

In this article I will show you how to access while you're in the United States. I'm currently visiting New-York, and coming from France, I already have a account. But when I try to log in, the following message appears: "Service Suspended for Restricted Countries". service restricted usa

Binance has been operating a local branch of its platform, Binance US, since September 2019 (this was the announcement). The company strongly encourages US users of its platform to migrate to it, in order to comply with the country's regulators. 

But if you are American and had a account or if you are like me, a tourist who just wants to access in the US, follow this tutorial.

Here is the video tutorial:

My solution to unblock in the USA: use a VPN

The reflex I had when I saw the blocking message was to use a VPN to connect in my home country, France. This trick works for me but in reality, I'm not the only one who found this solution. As you'll find many articles advising to use a VPN to go to in the US.

ExpressVPN is the VPN I use now in New-York and it works perfectly.

You can get it here with a discount and there is a 30-day money back. This VPN also works to unblock other online websites and services blocked in the USA. For example, I use it to watch Netflix France here.

This VPN will change your IP address to one located in the country of your choice and will not slow down your connection much:

speedtest with expressvpn for binance

3 Simple Steps to unblock in the United States

Once you have ExpressVPN, follow theses steps and the VPN to use to connect to

  1. Launch ExpressVPN
  2. Click on the 3 dots to select a country where is working (like France for example). 
connecting expressvpn

It will connect to the server.

ExpressVPN takes 10-15 seconds to connect. Once connected, ExpressVPN will turn in green:

Expressvpn connected for binance
  1. Now you can go on and login to your account. And as you can see in the screenshot below, I can access my account without having the "restricted countries" message. working in the us

I am also a FTX user who has restrictions in the US and using ExpressVPN for FTX works well (video for FTX). Generally speaking, using a VPN often works for geo-restricted sites or content when you travel.

When I'm on vacation like I am right now in New York, I like to keep an eye on my cryptos on Binance. And if for example there is a big drop in the price of bitcoin I like to take this opportunity to refill. When I saw that you could connect to it with ExpressVPN, I must admit that it was a little relief.

Why do I advise you not to use a free VPN for Binance?

Often, even well-known free VPNs like TunnelBear are detected by Binance. These VPNs have very few servers and are therefore easily detected by Binance and other sites like Netflix. 

Binance can detect your free VPN and ban you like this Reddit user: working in the us

This can lead to you being temporarily banned by the platform which can be damaging to your crypto wallet. Free VPNs are often full of malware or have a limited bandwidth. Usually, the free VPN will keep logs of your internet activity and sell it to third parties, while claiming that they are not (more about this here).

ExpressVPN has a lot of servers and is more technologically advanced to hide your original IP address. As a result, they are virtually undetectable. ExpressVPN service is fast and there is no bandwidth limitations.

FAQ about the use of Binance in USA

🧐 What is the difference between and serves US users while serves users from the rest of the world. is an international crypto exchange founded in 2017. Because of the US regulations, was created in September 2019 to serve users from the USA.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Why is blocked in the US?

Crypto law regulations in the U.S. led Binance to open the platform, which is legally compliant for U.S. users. is therefore blocked in the United States to force American users to use the platform.

πŸ”“ Can you access Binance with a VPN in the US?

US users cannot use website because they are blocked at the login. However, people in the US can still use it with a VPN. By connecting the VPN, the user will be able to change their IP address and log into if they select a country other than the US.

⛔️ Is using a VPN for crypto illegal?

No it isn't illegal. Anyone can use a VPN to trade cryptocurrency without fear.

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Tom is the founder of and has been fascinated by VPNs since 2012. He writes about online privacy, is always testing VPNs (both new and existing services), and is highly interested in the challenges of accessing certain sites and content in various regions. In addition to his interest in VPNs, he loves indie films and playing flamenco guitar.
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