Best VPN for Rust Cheating and Bypassing IP Ban

So you're eager to play Rust but you can't log in on your device because of an IP ban. We understand the struggle, and that's why we've written this article on the Best VPN for Rust.

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This article will let you know the mystery behind those IP bans in Rust and how you can bypass these bans easily (for example if you have this message: "Disconnected: You are banned from this server").

Say goodbye to the days of being sidelined due to these bans, as we've done the heavy lifting and tested out various VPNs to find the best ones that will keep you in the game.

Best VPNs for Rust Cheating

We know the solution to IP bans is using VPNs while playing Rust. However, there is an issue. Which VPN should you use? If you're wondering which one you should use, we've done the work for you.

After testing both free and premium VPN options, we have four VPNs you can use to bypass Rust IP bans. These VPNs have been put to the test and emerged as champions in keeping your gaming sessions secure and ban-free.

ExpressVPN - #1 Recommendation

ExpressVPN stands out as a trustworthy choice amongst many other VPNs. With its super-fast speeds and easy-to-use setup, you can easily bypass these IP bans while enjoying smooth gaming.

Rust with ExpressVPN

However, what sets ExpressVPN apart is its vast network of servers. You see, ExpressVPN has servers in many places around the world. The protocol boasts more than 3000 servers in 94 different countries. This means you can connect to a server in a location that's close to the Rust server you want to play on. This closeness can help reduce lag and delays, making your Rust experience all the more enjoyable.


Another VPN you can trust to help you bypass the Rust IP ban is PureVPN.

Rust with PureVPN

One unique feature of PureVPN is its split funneling. Split funneling allows you to choose which applications on your device can use PureVPN or not. Why is this important?

Some users complain about lags while streaming because of VPNs. With PureVPN, you can use its services on Rust while also enjoying lag-free browsing and streaming on other apps. This is in addition to its vast IP options and wide range of server locations. 


NordVPN is one of the most reliable VPNs you can use while playing Rust. Why? Well, its compatibility with Rust is rock solid. You can play the game with zero lags and no IP issues. NordVPN places a huge emphasis on privacy and one feature that makes it stand out is its "CyberSec" feature. 

NordVPN with Rust

This tool blocks out malicious websites and also prevents DDoS attacks on your device. NordVPN also uses an in-built ad blocker to block dangerous pop-up ads or video autoplaying. This allows you to load your website faster since there are no ads to increase the loading time. This extra layer of security allows you to play Rust smoothly. 


If you've ever needed a VPN that's less technical and simple to use, CyberGhost is an option for you. Simplicity is a standout feature of CyberGhost. It doesn't need any tech-savvy expertise as the app is designed to be easy to use for people of all levels. 

Rust with CyberGhostVPN

It's easy to set up and reliable. As CyberGhost remains in the background, you can always keep your IP hidden while having smooth gaming sessions. This makes CyberGhost a solid choice for Rust players who want a stress-free VPN

Why Use a VPN for Rust?

Why do games such as Rust monitor IPs? It all boils down to a simple goal: maintaining fairness and integrity in the gaming environment. One problem all game developers and gamers face is the issue of cheating. It's annoying when you face someone who's clearly using ESP hacks or aimbots in the game. Game developers also face the issues as gamers complain every time.

A level playing field is something game developers strive for in Rust, as cheating continues to plague online games. Monitoring player IP addresses is key to preventing cheating attempts and creating a fair gameplay experience. It is an easy way as it just makes sense to ban all accounts created by an IP that has been banned already. That way, a cheater can't just easily create a new account after being banned. Although this is effective in banning cheaters or repeating offenders it also affects players who share the same network or IP address due to a shared household or location.

There is a quick way to bypass IP bans on Rust. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs hide your true IP address and allow you to browse, watch videos, stream, and even play games smoothly.

When you connect to a VPN network or server, your original IP address is hidden, and you assume the IP address of the server instead. Since your current IP is no longer the IP on Rust's watchlist, there will be no IP bans and you can play Rust as you want.  


It's time to say goodbye to the frustrations of getting banned when you play Rust or try creating new accounts. With the help of VPNs, you can get back to playing Rust as much as you want.

While choosing a suitable VPN, remember to choose a VPN that suits your needs and budget. Choose wisely and enjoy your Rust adventure with the confidence you can only get knowing you're ban-free. 


Can Rust Servers See Your IP?

Rust servers do not have direct visibility into player's real IP addresses. However, online games store logs. Anytime you log in, your connection is stored alongside your IP address and a timestamp. So when a hacker's account is banned, the IP of the associated account is flagged. This makes it easier for game developers to ban new accounts created with the same IP. If you happen to use the same IP to play Rust or create a new account on Rust, your account will be banned too.

Can You Avoid IP Ban With VPN?

Yes, you can. VPNs hide your real IP address and give your device a new IP address provided by a server. Game servers can no longer trace your IP address and you should be able to play Rust without the fear of a ban. 

Can you play Rust with a VPN?

Yes. The VPNs highlighted in this article are all compatible with Rust. So you can play Rust all day with no lags and no high pings. 

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