How to Bypass Minecraft IP ban? [TUTORIAL]

One day, my friend and I got banned from a Minecraft server. Since both our internet routers didn't have dynamic IP addresses, we were stuck. Indeed, the moderators block Minecraft users through their IP address with the command "/ban-ip".

But you shouldn't panic as it is a common issue among the players. Bypassing IP ban from Minecraft is not a tough task. At the end of this article, you will know exactly how to bypass a Minecraft IP ban.

Minecraft ban message

The 3 Types of Bans on Minecraft

3 kinds of bans exist on Minecraft:

  1. Temporary ban: your Minecraft account is temporarily banned
  2. Permanent ban by ID: your Minecraft account is permanently banned
  3. Permanent ban by IP address: Your IP is banned

Here are explanations for those who do not know if they are banned with the type 2 or 3: 

  • If a friend (not a second account, a friend) comes to your home and he is not banned, it is your Minecraft account that is banned.
  • If when you connect elsewhere than at home, you are no longer banned, then  you have an IP ban (3).

Solutions to unban your Minecraft account

If you've been banned, there are ways to get it unbanned!

The best solution is to use a VPN to change your IP address. You will connect it just before launching Minecraft and thus, you will not play with your blocked IP address but with a new one.

Solution for the type 1 of ban: Temporary ban

In the first case, the best solution is to wait, unless the admin/modo is a troll and give you a ban of 4 years... In this case we will consider that you are banned permanently (unless you want to wait) and that you should do the type of 3 ban solution. 

Solution for the type 2 of ban: Permanent ban by Minecraft account ID

If your account is banned and you come up with a new account, then you will be banned quickly because the server keeps ALL the IP addresses and will see that your IP is already known… Thus the server will ban you again.

Unfortunately you will have to buy a new Minecraft account and I advise you not to buy cheap accounts, they are already banned everywhere. Here is the real site to buy Minecraft : Once you get a new account, you will have to connect to a NordVPN server to hide your IP.

Solution for the type 3 of ban: Permanent ban by IP address

For this solution we will use NordVPN.

This is one of the best VPNs to unban your Minecraft account because it keeps you pinging well and changes your IP address efficiently. In the next section you will know how to use it properly with Minecraft to bypass the IP ban problem.

A focus on NordVPN and its use with Minecraft

As we have seen, changing its IP address is a common solution to bypass Minecraft IP ban. If you use NordVPN, you will be able to change your IP address while maintaining a very good connection and not experiencing lags in Minecraft.

I am going to show you how it works. 

First, get NordVPN here (discount link). 

Then, you will be able to launch it on your computer (Mac, Windows, Linux… NordVPN have an app on all devices). Once you launched it, click on "Quick Connect" (see the image bellow).

1 Click on Quick Connect on NordVPN

This option allows you to automatically find the best server for you.

The speed will be optimized to the maximum.

2 You are now connected and your IP changed

Now that we have changed our IP address, we have to delete the temporary Minecraft files: 

Find the folder "appdata" (one of the subfolders of your Minecraft installation) and delete the .minecraft folder ( beware the Minecraft maps and screenshots will be deleted too).

How to find the appdata folder?

  • On Mac: command + shift + g and enter "~/Library/Application Support/minecraft"
  • On Windows you will find it here: "AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Minecraft"

Finally you can launch Minecraft to go to the server where you were banned. There is a good chance that it will work like in my case:

Minecraft bypass ban works

What about dynamic IP addresses?

If your internet router has a dynamic IP address system then you are really lucky. You won't need to use a VPN because every time you reboot your internet router, it will change your IP address.

Dynamic IP address is a kind of IP address which can change from time to time. As a result, a dynamic IP address isn't static. It changes from time to time. In the IPV4 settings of your internet router, you will have the "static IP" and maybe the "dynamic IP" or "DHCP" option if you're lucky.

If you are blocked from a server, then you can try to quit Minecraft and restart your internet router to change your IP address and be unblocked from the server.


😢How do I get unbanned from Minecraft online?

You can use another Minecraft account or change your IP address to be unban from a minecraft server. In order to do this, you can use a VPN or restart your internet router (but only if you have a dynamic IP address).

😳Why is my Minecraft account banned?

A number of factors can cause Minecraft accounts to be banned. The most common reason is when someone has been banned for cheating in the game. 

Another common reason is when someone uses a misleading name to trick other players into doing things they shouldn't. 

Some players who use their accounts for illicit purposes or use insults in their messages may also be banned.

🧐How do you unban an IP on Minecraft?

If you are a moderator of a Minecraft server and you want to unban a blocked user, you can use the following pardon command: /pardon "minecraft username".

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