Does ProtonVPN work with Omegle? [3 Tests]

To find out whether ProtonVPN works with Omegle, we've decided to run 3 tests. In this article, we'll connect to 3 ProtonVPN servers located in the USA, the UK and France. Using a VPN with Omegle, you can be anonymous, but also to get unbanned.

Unfortunately, few VPNs can be used with Omegle, as the platform blocks VPN servers. We tested Omegle with NordVPN and it was a failure. Let's see if ProtonVPN does better.

Test number 1:

For this test, we connected to a ProtonVPN server located in the USA.

connected to the us protonvpn

After connected, we went to the Omegle site and launched the video chat. After a few seconds, we received an error telling us that we'd been banned from Omegle.

does protonvpn works with omegle test 1

So this ProtonVPN server isn't compatible with Omegle at all. Let's move on to the second test.

Test number 2:

With this second attempt, we decided to change country and connect to the UK with ProtonVPN.

connected to the uk protonvpn

Once connected, we went to Omegle and got an error page telling us we'd been banned. Definitely bad luck…

does protonvpn works with omegle test 1

Test number 3:

For this last test, we connected in France with ProtonVPN.

connected to france protonvpn

This time we launched the video chat and got the following error: "Error connecting to server. Please try again." Unfortunately this error is common when using a VPN and means that the VPN has also been blocked.

does protonvpn works with omegle test 1

This latest attempt to use Omegle with ProtonVPN was therefore a failure.


In 3 attempts with ProtonVPN, no server was able to unblock Omegle. So ProtonVPN doesn't work with Omegle. To help you use the right VPN with Omegle, we've put together an article to get unbanned from Omegle with several methods that will enable you to use Omegle again.

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