Does Surfshark work with Omegle? [Test]

In this article, we'll put Surfshark through its paces to find out if it works with Omegle. Few VPNs allow you to use Omegle without connection errors or ban messages. This is the case with NordVPN and ProtonVPN, which we've tested and which don't work for accessing or unbanning Omegle.

Here's a video of the tests we ran live:

Test 1:

For this first test, we launched Surfshark and connected to a London server. Then we went to the Omegle site to start the video chat. After activating our webcam, we realized that it wasn't working, as a message indicated: "Error connecting to server. Please try again". The first test was therefore inconclusive. We also found the same error with ProtonVPN.

surfshark test 1 with omegle

Test 2:

For the second test, we decided to connect in Miami to get some sunshine after the London rain. Unfortunately, it was the same story. After connecting to Omegle, we got the same connection problem error. Usually, when a VPN doesn't work with Omegle, this error is displayed, and this is the case with Surfshark.

surfshark test 2 with omegle

Test 3:

For this third test, we decided to change continents and go to our Australian friends in Melbourne. Once again, we went to the Omegle website to launch the video chat, and realized that we had made exactly the same mistake…

surfshark test 3 with omegle


Surfshark doesn't work with Omegle. According to our tests, very few VPNs are currently able to unblock Omegle, and only ExpressVPN works. The Omegle platform goes VPN-hunting, blocking all VPN servers so that none of them work. But we've come up with a few solutions, which you can see in our article "Omegle not working with VPN?"

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