How to Access and Use TikTok in India?

Short on time? 3 Steps to access and use TikTok in India:

  • Step 1: Get a trustworthy VPN. We recommend NordVPN because it has many servers close to India and is easy to use.
  • Step 2: Choose a server in a country where TikTok is allowed. Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan are good options, as they're close to India.
  • Step 3: With the VPN connected, log in to your TikTok account just like you normally would. Now you can watch and create videos as usual, anywhere in India.

TikTok has quickly become a hit with its short, funny videos. However, many Indians are really upset because they can't use the app as it is banned since 2020.

The good news is that we can fix it very easily! In this article, we're going to teach you how to access TikTok in India. Let's show you how to solve this issue and use TikTok without trouble.

Why Can't I Use TikTok in India?

If you're staying in India, you're probably wondering, "why can't I use TikTok?" The answer is because the Indian government shut it down. They were concerned about protecting private user details in the nation. The government is worried about possible safety problems and where user information might end up.

tiktok banned in india

Many TikTok users were upset by the ban, which was caused by these fears. But people in India can still access and use TikTok through a VPN. VPNs change your virtual location, making it seem like you're using TikTok in another country that isn't banned.

For using a VPN in India, NordVPN is a good choice. Your internet traffic is encrypted while using NordVPN, which increases security. It's also the best match for the TikTok ban because of its big worldwide server system.

How to Access TikTok in India ✅

Step 1: Visit the official NordVPN website and join by getting a plan that fits your budget and what you need. You'll be able to use your NordVPN account on 6 different devices.

Best VPN in India:
NordVPN: Unblock and use TikTok in India
Tiktok is blocked in India and it is normally not possible to watch TikToks. However, by installing NordVPN you'll be able to connect virtually to another country and thus unblock TikTok and use it anonymously.
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Step 2: Install and Open NordVPN on your device. Select a server located in a country where TikTok is available. In this guide, we're using Malaysia. Click on the country of your choice to get connected.

nordvpn connect to malaysia

Step 3: Once you're connected, you can now access TikTok in India and watch all your favorite videos without any restrictions.

Access tiktok in india with a vpn

Now you know how to use TikTok in India. And know that it's exactly the same technique for unblocking other sites and apps.

Using a VPN, you can also unblock websites like Share it, Shein, Aliexpress, Bilibili, Wechat, and many other websites that are blocked in India. Your IP address will change with the VPN, and your ISP will no longer be able to see the sites you access. This means you'll be able to surf the Internet anonymously, on all your devices.


We understand how annoying it might be to be unable to use TikTok in India. This article has you covered with this simple fix. You can now watch as many TikTok videos as you like from the comfort of your home by using NordVPN. Now that you know how to use it, connect and explore the world of brief yet interesting videos.


Why is TikTok Unavailable in India?

The Indian government banned TikTok due to worries over data privacy and national security.

How Can I Access TikTok with the Use of a VPN?

A virtual private network, or VPN, can be used to hide your location. It makes it seem like you're using TikTok in a place where it should work just fine, even if it is not allowed there.

Why Use NordVPN to Access TikTok?

NordVPN has a vast and safe global server network. It also provides an additional degree of security with its "Double VPN" feature.

Is NordVPN Compatible with Mobile Devices?

Definitely! There are many devices that NordVPN is compatible with, including iOS and Android. Just download NordVPN on your preferred device and begin using TikTok.

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