How to Change Roku Store Region? [TUTORIAL]

It's frustrating that you can’t see all the TV shows that you love on Roku. You're not alone. On the positive side, you can unlock new content by changing your Roku store region using a VPN service.

roku isn't available in your region

In this article, I will show a complete method on how to change your Roku store region and finally have access to a world of amazing content.

How to Change Your Roku Store Region - 6 Steps

The following is a simple step-by-step guide on how I changed my Roku store region to the USA so that I can watch Max and Hulu.

Step 1: First, you will have to wipe clean / factory reset your Roku device. Go to the Settings page. Proceed through the system and find Advanced System Settings. Select Factory Reset and input the provided 4-digit code.

roku settings
roku settings about.jpg
roku factory reset
roku factory reset

After a short while, your Roku device will be wiped and ready to be linked to a new region.

Step 2: You would also need to reset your Roku account. Login to your browser and select the Delete account option at the bottom of the screen.

roku delete account

There will be questions as to what made you leave. Click Continue to bypass all this. Delete your account successfully so you can move on and create a new Roku account in the USA region.

roku delete account confirmation

Step 3: Sign up for a new account. We need to ensure that Roku identifies our new preferred location. Therefore, it is important that we connect to a VPN server located in the US. I recommend ExpressVPN for this.

connect vpn for roku in us

ExpressVPN is quick to connect and uses strong encryption to ensure 256-bit AES. In addition, you can also use more than 3,000 servers located in 94 countries on ExpressVPN. Nearly all devices are compatible, and it is easy to install. There are many detailed instructions for router setup, too. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can try it out and find out if it suits your needs.

Provide your personal information. If you are considering purchasing premium Roku services later, you will be required to select a payment method. Ensure that you have a payment method that's common in your new region.

create roku account
choose pin preferences roku

Step 4: Once you have created your account, move on to pairing your Roku device. Your Roku device should be as good as new when you restart it. 

roku pairing device

You will be asked to pick a network. Connect your Roku to a VPN server in the same region. This is possible through installing a VPN on the router or sharing a VPN connection via a hotspot.


Complete the setup by selecting the picture quality.

Step 5: To link your Roku device with your new account, enter the email address you created it with in Step 3. You'll receive an activation email.

roku player activate

Open the link in your email and activate your account.

roku link email

Ensure that you complete every process and include appropriate options. Once you have completed it, scroll down to the last paragraph on the page and click on Continue in order to finalize the setup.

Step 6: Your Roku should be updated after you're done activating your account. Now you're set to watch or stream your favorite shows in the new US location. You'll have access for example to Hulu now!

roku us app store

What is Roku?

Roku stands tall among the major manufacturers of streaming devices and smart TV offerings, providing a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, and streams.

There are different devices, ranging from simple streamers that will enhance your current TV to full-blown smart TVs that have Roku built-in just for you. Moreover, it offers more than 150,000 TV shows and films, music, newscasts, and even sports TV channels. The setup is straightforward: just plug it in, connect it to the Internet, and voila—an infinite source of entertainment for your TV. Roku also has streaming channels that include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and HBOmax, among others.


Can I Change my Roku Store Region Without Creating a New Account?

To change your Roku region, you’ll have to create a new Roku account for that location. Remember that Roku doesn’t let you change the region your current account is locked to on the same account.

Will Changing my Roku Store Region Affect the Channels I Currently Have?

Yes. When you switch regions by creating a new account, your current channels are also affected. Some channels are specific to a particular region, which is the main reason behind this article.

What Should I Do if I Encounter Issues While Trying to Change My Roku Store Region?

If you're having trouble changing your Roku store region, check that your VPN is still working and that you've correctly set up a new account for the region you're targeting. If problems continue, consider resetting your Roku or contacting customer support.

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