How to Get Unbanned from Omegle ?

We can get banned when we use Omegle. And obviously, we can't access it anymore, even if we change our browser. No worries though! It is possible to get unbanned from Omegle.

I won't lie to you, it's hard. But the method I'm going to show you is guaranteed to get you through.

Here is a video tutorial I did with all the steps:

Before I get into the details of how to get unbanned, I'd like to explain what leads to a ban and how banning works on Omegle.

The best VPN for Omegle
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Ban on Omegle

Omegle is a live webcam chat site that has been around since 2009. There is no need to register and it is anonymous. This site is totally open to everyone, and to ensure the friendliness of the community, there are certain rules to respect

If these conditions are not respected by users, they are blocked from accessing Omegle. Their internet connection is then blacklisted by Omegle and they can't return to it even if they switch devices.

What leads to a ban on Omegle?

The causes of banning on Omegle are many and seemingly subtle things like listening to music in the background can lead to a ban.

This can lead to a ban: 

  • Listening copyright music in the background
  • Have a racist, hateful, or sexist statement
  • Show a virtual cam
  • Be naked
  • You have been "skipped" too often
  • … … and so on and so forth!

Omegle's banning system

Once you are banned, Omegle's system will "blacklist" your Internet connection.

You can be banned from 7 days to 4 months and you can also be banned for life. If you are connected to WiFi, then all your devices will not be able to access Omegle. A simple solution can be to connect to it with 4G but you need to have a good data plan!

To be more precise, when Omegle blacklists your internet connection, it will enter your IP address (the "identifier" of your internet connection) into its blocking log. 

That's why the most effective option is to change your IP address with a VPN (or by rebooting your internet box if you have a dynamic IP address). In this tutorial, I will show you how to use ExpressVPN to get rid of Omegle.

4 Steps to get Unbanned from Omegle 

In this section, I'll explain to you in pictures how you can stop being banned by Omegle using ExpressVPN.

Step 1: Launch ExpressVPN on any device (the technique works on all devices). The interface will look like this (I am on a computer):

Expressvpn dashboard

Step 2: Let's connect to an ExpressVPN server now. Click the location button to display the list of servers. 

ExpressVPN Servers

Omegle is on the hunt for VPN servers and to find one that works, the best way is to send a message to support (here on the bottom right) asking them which server is currently working for Omegle. You'll get an answer within minutes.

I was advised by the support person to use a server located in Georgia. Therefore, I found it in the list and double-clicked to connect.

ExpressVPN servers that works for omegle

Step 3: Go and enjoy! 

Omegle that works after a ban

You won't get any more ban messages and everything will work as usual. If this is not the case, tell ExpressVPN support that the server is not working and they will point you to another server not blocked by Omegle.

Step 4: Close Omegle and disconnect ExpressVPN. Simply click the round connect/disconnect button to disconnect ExpressVPN. 

It will disconnect in a few seconds and you will have your original IP address back. And if you want to go back to Omegle, you'll have to reconnect to ExpressVPN. 

The second solution to remove Omegle's ban

This solution is only suitable for users who have a subscription to a dynamic IP internet router.

Your IP address can change if you have a dynamic IP address. To know if you have a dynamic IP address is very simple:

  1. Go to an IP address detection website like
find your ip address
  1. Note down your IP address
  2. Restart your internet router
  3. When it has restarted properly, go back to the IP address detection site and check if the IP address that is displayed has changed. If it has changed, then you can try going back to Omegle and maybe it will work.


🧐 Which VPN works for Omegle?

I recommend ExpressVPN because Omegle (like Netflix) hunts for VPN servers and ExpressVPN has servers that are not blocked by Omegle. ExpressVPN is available on all devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad… and even smartTV.

🙅 Why did Omegle ban me?

If you have not followed Omegle's terms and conditions, your account may have been banned. The most common reason for this is being "skipped" too often by other Omegle users. 

Another case: a person with hateful actions or speech will obviously get banned quickly. Even playing copyright music in the background of your webcam can get you banned from the platform. You can find more reasons for banning in my article.

⏰ How long do bans last on Omegle?

It is impossible to know how long a ban can last. As I said above, you can be blacklisted from Omegle for 1 week or even worse… a few months!


The two solutions we've seen so far work wonderfully to get around the ban on Omegle

In the case of method 1 with ExpressVPN, I strongly encourage you to send a message to support to find out which server is currently working with Omegle. This is much faster than testing all the servers by yourself (as there are hundreds and hundreds of them).

To follow method 2, your internet router must have a dynamic IP address, which is not the case for everyone. But if this is your case, then you are lucky because you have a fatal weapon against banning!

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