How To Get YouTube Premium Cheaper? [TUTORIAL]

There are more and more ads on YouTube, and recently even ad blockers have been detected and you get this message when you try to watch a video: "Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube". YouTube Premium can become indispensable for people who watch YouTube a lot but it can be expensive.

The YouTube Premium subscription pricing varies from country to country, and in Argentina, India, and Turkey, it is very affordable. In this step-by-step tutorial, we will show you how to get Youtube Premium cheaper with a VPN.

3-Step Tutorial: βœ…
Get YouTube Premium Cheaper with NordVPN:
  • Step 1: Get NordVPN and install it on your device
  • Step 2: Connect to Turkey or Argentina where YT Premium is cheap
  • Step 3: Go to the YouTube Premium page and get your subscription at a significantly lower price!
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How to pay for Youtube Premium cheaper with a VPN?

Youtube Premium is available in most countries, but the subscription price varies considerably from place to place. In Argentina, the country where YouTube Premium is the cheapest in 2023, YouTube Premium costs only $1.68 per month (compared to $11.99 in the US).

We just need to simulate our location in Argentina with a VPN to get the Argentinean price on our monthly subscription to Youtube Premium. Thus, we will only be charged $1.68 per month instead of $11.99 per month. We recommend using NordVPN which is the VPN that works best for this trick.

Tutorial: How to get YouTube Premium cheaper?

Step 1: First, install NordVPN (there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not happy). This will allow us to connect in Argentina to get YouTube Premium cheaper.

Step 2: Open NordVPN and connect to Argentina by selecting "Argentina" in the country list.

nordvpn connected to argentina for youtube premium

We are now geolocated in Argentina!

Step 3: Now we can go to the YouTube Premium webpage.

In the screenshot below, we can see that YouTube Premium is free for a month and then costs 389 Argentine Pesos per month (US$ 1,68/month).

youtube premium price in argentina

Step 4: Then we just need to validate the purchase by filling in an address in Argentina (fictitious). In our case, we used an address in Buenos Aires that we found on Google Maps (to find one you can search for a random place on GMaps).

complete agentina youtube premium purchase

Then click on the blue "Buy" button at the bottom to finalize the subscription.

As a result, we are now subscribers to Youtube Premium, and we will be able to enjoy all the same benefits as in the US while paying only 1.68$ per month instead of the usual 11.99$!

youtube premium argentina purchase confirmation

Enjoy YouTube Premium! The same discount applies to Netflix as well when you use NordVPN!

Youtube Premium price comparison by country:

According to our research, Argentina is the country with the cheapest Youtube Premium subscription in the world in 2023. Due to Argentina's global economic collapse, its currency has lost considerable value, contributing to its low price. YouTube Premium prices in India and Turkey are also very cheap.

Here is an overview of the price of Youtube Premium subscription (monthly) in some of the countries of the world:

Youtube Premium monthly price:

  • Argentina: 1.68$/month (389 ARS)
  • India: 1.71$/month (139 INR)
  • Turkey: 3.48€/month (69 TRY)
  • Brazil: 3.76$/month (20 BRL)
  • Japan: 8.84$/month (1152 JPY)
  • Canada: 8.96$/month (11.99 $CA)
  • United States: 11.99$/month (11.99 USD)
  • France: 12.97$/month (11.99 EUR)
  • United Kingdom: 14.92$/month (11.99 GBP)
  • Switzerland: 17.56$/month (15.90 CHF)

Finally, the price of the YouTube Premium subscription appears to be determined by the country's standard of living. As with most foreign platforms, such as Netflix or Spotify, the platform modifies its costs accordingly.

By taking advantage of the cheaper subscription prices abroad on each of these platforms, we can make significant annual savings on all our online services.

Which VPN is most suitable for Youtube Premium?

According to our tests, NordVPN is the VPN that works best to get YouTube Premium by connecting to Argentina. They have geolocated servers in Argentina, allowing you to change your location there and so access the Argentinean prices of Youtube Premium, as well as Netflix or Spotify.


Other pros of using a VPN:

Using a VPN is not only intended to pay his Youtube Premium subscription cheaper, but it has a whole bunch of usefulness to access content blocked or that are sometimes paid.

Here is an overview of what you can do with a VPN:

  • Unblock foreign Netflix catalogs (Netflix US, UK, Canada, Japan)
  • Unlock free foreign channels (F1, MotoGP, Champions League, UFC...)
  • Enjoy cheaper prices for booking flights and hotels
  • Cheaper prices on online services (YouTube, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Spotify, etc)
  • Surf anonymously and secure your connection


Why is YouTube Premium cheaper in Argentina?

Argentina has been undergoing an unprecedented economic crisis for several years. The value of its currency, the Argentinean peso, is constantly falling against the euro and the dollar. Since most subscriptions and services in Argentina are priced in local currency (ARS), they are lower when converted to dollars. This currency conversion is clearly in favor of Europeans and Americans who want to spend their money in Argentina.

Are the Youtube Premium benefits the same?

Of course, whether you subscribe to Youtube Premium in Argentina, India, or the US, your benefits will be exactly the same even though the price is cheaper abroad.

You will benefit from:

  • Watching videos without ads
  • Watching videos with screen off (in the background)
  • Downloading videos in offline mode
  • Access to Youtube Music Premium

In other words, all the same, advantages as if you had subscribed to the classic Youtube Premium subscription in the US.

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