How To Unblock Discord in UAE? [TUTORIAL]

If you attempt to access Discord in Dubai, you will be unable to do so since Discord is banned in the UAE.

This tutorial will show you how to use a VPN to unblock Discord in UAE. You will be able to overcome these limitations with a few mouse clicks.

Using a VPN will give Discord the illusion that you are in another country, like the US. After that, you will unblock Discord by hiding your actual location. Discord will not block you from accessing it because it thinks you are in the United States.

Which VPN Should You Use to Unblock Discord in the UAE?

With a VPN, you can change your virtual location legally. For example, you can have a German or an American IP address even if you're in another country, thanks to a VPN.

CyberGhost is the finest VPN for using Discord from any location. It boasts lightning-fast speeds that allow you to access Discord: messages, voice, etc. CG is the best Discord VPN we tested and offers many extra benefits. In addition, you will be able to install it on up to 7 devices.

To unblock Discord VoIP in UAE, you must use a VPN to get an IP address outside UAE. You will find below a tutorial to unblock Discord in Dubai, UAE.

How to Unblock Discord in UAE? 4 Simple Steps

Following these instructions will allow you to use Discord properly in the United Arab Emirates.

Step #1 - Open CyberGhost on your device

First, go to this link and get CyberGhostVPN risk-free (45 days warranty).

It works on all devices: computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Then launch CyberGhost VPN on your device. It looks like this:


Step #2 - Change your virtual location with CyberGhost VPN

Choose a server in an area where Discord is not banned (for example, connect to the US server).

Double-click on "United States".

cyberghost connect to the us

As you can see below, we're now connected to a US server, and Discord will assume the account from the United States.

cyberghost connected for discord

Step #3 - Open Discord and enjoy FREEDOM!

Open the Discord app to communicate with your buddies from anywhere globally. All Discord features will now work: messages, voice calls, file transfers, joining Discord servers, etc.

discord homepage uae
discord working in dubai, uae

Step #4 - Disconnect CyberGhostVPN

After using Discord, you can disconnect the VPN and enable it when you want to unblock websites and app services unavailable in the UAE.

The Benefits of Using CyberGhost in UAE 

If you're in the UAE, I strongly recommend you get a VPN to unblock services unavailable in UAE, such as WhatsApp calls, Skype calls, or even IMO.

Here are some things that are blocked in the United Arab Emirates:

  • VoIP calling
  • Dating websites
  • Pornographic websites
  • Gambling
  • LGBT content

CyberGhostVPN provides a massive server network of 6,900+ servers in 91 countries, with limitless bandwidth and high connection speeds. It also supports all platforms and devices, enabling you to conduct secure audio conversations regardless of your device.

  • Apps for all devices
  • Great for streaming
  • Fast download speeds
  • 91 countries covered

If you commit to a more extended VPN membership period, it's also one of the cheapest VPN services (see our VPN list). They also have a no-logs policy, protection against DNS and IP leaks, split tunneling, and other privacy features. If you have any issues, CyberGhost VPN also provides live chat assistance so that you can ask them online.

Which Countries Restrict Discord?

China, North Korea, Egypt, Oman, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates are among the countries that prohibit Discord.

CountryBlocking TypeDiscord Blocking Time
ChinaPermanentSince July 13, 2018
North KoreaPermanentSince May 13, 2015
EgyptTemporaryFebruary 2018
OmanPermanentSince 2020
IranPermanentSince March 28, 2022
UAEPermanentSince 2017


Why is Discord Banned in the UAE?

Discord, like most other free VoIP services, is prohibited in Dubai. According to the government, this is because state-owned telecommunications businesses contribute significantly to the country's budget, and moving to free services would have a significant effect.

Of course, it is essential to guarantee that users are not permitted to communicate in an unmonitored manner. Given the UAE's severe censorship (they also block adult websites)and heavy sanctions for individuals who disobey the regulations, this is a serious issue.

Can You Use a Free VPN to Unblock Discord in Dubai?

Many free VPN alternatives are available, but that doesn't imply they're all suitable. These services are unlikely to be available in Dubai, leaving you frustrated and unable to use Discord. Even if they function, you'll have to deal with the practical issues of free services, such as slowness and long wait periods to connect to a server.

Free VPNs don't do much better in terms of privacy and security. A typical business strategy includes tracking user browsing behaviour, serving adverts, or selling the data to third-party marketers.

Overall, a free VPN isn't worth the trouble, but a commercial VPN service will offer you all-around performance for a little charge.


Discord is a free online voice and text chat software designed specifically for gamers. Over 150 million active users rely on it to conduct team interactions in multiplayer online games, plot their movements to outwit opponents, and enjoy pleasant banter.

But Discord is banned in several countries, like the UAE, China, North Korea, and Egypt, limiting your ability to connect with teammates. A VPN is the answer if this is your situation. CyberGhost is best-suitable with Discord and, more importantly, provides dependable service.

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