How To Unblock Websites on iPad? [4 Methods]

Occasionally, when you try to access a website with Safari from an iPad, the site may be blocked for various reasons. This can be frustrating, but we're here to help. In this article, we'll show you different methods to unblock any website on an iPad.

Why some websites don't work on an iPad? Common reasons:

Whether it's due to parenting controls, pesky geo-blocks, or network restrictions, we'll uncover the main reasons behind these roadblocks:

1) Geo-blocks

Ah, the frustrating world of geo-blocking! Picture this: you're an avid fan of a TV show or an online store, but when you try to access their website on your iPad, you're greeted with an annoying message stating, "This content is not available in your region."

this content is not available in your country

Geo-blocking is a practice that restricts access to websites based on your geographical location. It's often employed by content providers to comply with licensing agreements or to control the availability of their services in different countries.

2) Parenting Controls

Your parents may have set up restrictions on your iPad to ensure a safe online environment. While these controls are meant to protect you, they can also limit your access to certain websites. Commonly, parental control settings block websites that are deemed inappropriate or potentially harmful.

So, if you're unable to access a particular site, chances are it's on the blocked list. Having an open conversation with your parents about your internet usage might help you negotiate access to specific sites while still respecting their concerns.

3) Network blocks

Sometimes, it's not your iPad's fault at all; it's the network you're connected to. Certain networks, like those in schools, workplaces, or public Wi-Fi hotspots, may have restrictions in place to prevent access to specific websites. These blocks can be for security reasons, to preserve network resources, or to comply with local regulations.

Unfortunately, as an iPad user, you may feel the brunt of these restrictions more often. However, there are a few workarounds you can try. Let's dive into this!

Method 1: Unblocking websites with a VPN

The most effective way to unblock any site on your iPad is to use a VPN. If the site is blocked because of your location or your Internet network, using a VPN will enable you to bypass the block.

Using a VPN will allow you to mask your IP address and appear as if you're browsing from a different location. Just be sure to choose a reliable iPad VPN service to protect your privacy and ensure smooth browsing. On iPad, we recommend using ExpressVPN, as it's the VPN that works best on iPad and does unblock most of the sites.

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Let's take the example of a sports betting site that is blocked in many European countries. Here's the error we get when we try to access it without ExpressVPN.

the website is not available ipad

Now we're going to apply method 1 with ExpressVPN, which we'll explain in detail so that you too can also unblock your site.

Step 1: Launch ExpressVPN

Get ExpressVPN on your iPad (it's a paid subscription but it'll let you unblock any site and you can get a -49% discount here). Then launch ExpressVPN. The interface looks like this:

expressvpn on ipad

Step 2: Connect to a server in another country

Now, to unblock your site, you can connect to another country with ExpressVPN. To do this, open the list of countries and select the country you want to connect to.

expressvpn connected to napoli

In our case, for example, we'll connect to Italy where 1xbet works.

Step 3: Go to the site you want to unblock on Safari

Now that you're connected with ExpressVPN, open Safari and return to the site you want to unblock. It's sure to work just like we did!

website now unblocked on ipad

If it doesn't, you can try another country. Your site may also be blocked by parental controls, and we'll show you how to disable them in Method 2.

Step 4: Leave ExpressVPN or disconnect it

If you want to disconnect ExpressVPN, go back to the app on your iPad and hit the big disconnect button.

You can also leave ExpressVPN connected if you want to unblock more sites while remaining anonymous. With this method, you'll also be able to unblock many more movies and series on Netflix and other services simply by connecting in the US, Canada, or Australia.

Method 2: Disable parental control by enabling the "Unrestricted access" option

On all iPads, a mode allows you to block certain sites, which may be why you can't access the site you want. Here's how to disable this restriction on your iPad:

Step 1: Open "Settings" and Go to "Screentime"

1 settings ipad

Step 2: Select "Content & Privacy Restrictions"

2 screentime ipad

Step 3: Go to "Content Restrictions"

3 content and privacy restrictions ipad

Step 4: Go to "Web Content"

4 content restrictions

Step 5: Go to "Unrestricted Access"

5 web content restrictions ipad

By checking this option, you will no longer have parental controls or blacklisted websites on your iPad.

Method 3: Using a web proxy

This method is effective, but will only allow you to visit a single page of a website. You'll be able to access it via a web proxy. Here's how it works on an iPad:

Step 1: Find a web proxy

To find free web proxies, you can go to this site and select the proxy with the country you want.

free web proxy list

Step 2: Enter the URL in the web proxy

When you're on your web proxy, paste the address of the site you want to access into the search bar and select "Go".

example of a free web proxy site on ipad

Step 3: Visit the page you want

Wait patiently for the web proxy to redirect you to the page you want to see, but it should normally work! If not, try method 1 with VPN, which is even more reliable.

unblocked website free proxy

Method 4: Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a browser other than Safari that works on the Tor network. This browser is anonymous and connects you to another IP address when you start it. This can help you unblock sites.

Step 1: Install Onion Browser on your iPad

The application that will give you access to the Tor network is called "Onion Browser" on iPad. Install it from the AppStore.

onion browser app store

Step 2: Launch Onion Browser

Launch OnionBrowser and wait for it to connect to the Tor network. This may take some time.

onion website connecting ipad

Step 3: Go to the website you want

Once Tor is connected, you can use the application just like a normal browser. Enter the URL of the site you want to go to. Note that your connection will be much slower than with your normal connection or with a VPN.

unblocked website with onion browser ipad

But if everything works well, you should be able to unblock a site that is restricted geographically or by your Internet network!


Unblocking websites on your iPad is not only possible but also relatively easy with the right tools and methods. By using ExpressVPN, configuring your parental control settings, trying a web proxy, or utilizing the Onion Browser, you can bypass geo-blocks, network restrictions, and more to access the website you want.

Although the experience may vary depending on the method chosen, each method presented here is worth trying to regain your favorite websites' accessibility. These tips also work on a phone, as we have shown in this tutorial.

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