How To Watch All World Cup Games? Quatar 2022

Whether you are in the US, Spain, or Iceland, many public TV channels are broadcasting the World Cup but not all 64 games.

However, there are some countries like England that broadcast all 64 games of the World Cup on their public channel. If you are not in England, you can change your IP address simply with a VPN to watch all the matches. I explain this trick in this article to watch all the matches of this World Cup.

groupes coupe du monde du quatar 2022

How to watch BBC iPlayer anywhere to see all the matches of the World Cup?

In England, BBC has the broadcasting rights to the whole World Cup. It means they broadcast live the 64 matches. You can't watch it online outside UK, but with the trick I'm going to show you, you'll be able to watch it.

BBC iPlayer error when you want to watch the channel outside UK:

error message bbc iplayer outside uk

Getting around this notice is fairly easy; all you need to do is obtain an IP address from the UK. Therefore, we will be able to watch the World Cup 2022 no matter where we are in the world.

Getting an English IP address is simple using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). CyberGhost is my go-to VPN service because they have dedicated UK servers just for streaming BBC iPlayer.

Using this VPN is as easy as clicking a button, and it works with any device. It has a lightning-fast connection, so the soccer matches will be streamed without interruption or delay.

How to watch all World Cup Games:

Step 1: Get CyberGhost VPN and open it

You can watch BBC iPlayer from any device with CyberGhost VPN, a quality VPN service. You get 7 simultaneous installs with just one account.

Step 2: Connect to the dedicated UK server for BBC iPlayer

If you want to use Cyberghost's streaming-ready server, all you have to do is double-click the BBC iPlayer icon in the "For streaming" section of the menu. Smartphones are the same in every way.

connect to bbc iplayer vpn

Step 3: Register on the website of BBC iPlayer

In the top left, select Sign in, and then "Register now." You must be over the age of 16 to continue. Please provide an email address and password.

Select "United Kingdom" as your nation and enter a London postal code there, such as CF83 8EN or CF83 8EX. In the end, sign up by hitting the "Register Now" button.

bbc iplayer registration

Step 4: Deal with the β€œTV Cable" message

A "TV License" prompt will appear the first time you watch the live. Just answer "I have a TV license. Watch Now." and you won't get this message at all. No confirmation is required.

message tv licence bbc iplayer

Step 5: Enjoy the World Cup 2022 matches!

All matches will be broadcast on BBC iPlayer and iTV in England so enjoy the live action and the World Cup!

bbc iplayer working to watch the world cup games outside uk

Other free foreign channels broadcasting the world cup

Like SRF, there are also other foreign TV channels that broadcast the World Cup matches free of charge. For example, the Belgian channel RTBF and the English channel BBC are broadcasting the games. You will be able to watch them with exactly the same trick except that you will have to register first.

Here is the list of free foreign channels that will broadcast the World Cup 2022:

CountryChannelBroadcast all 64 matches?Free to air with CyberGhost?
SwitzerlandSRFYesYes (tutorial)
United KingdomBBC / ITVYesYes
GermanyZDF / ARDNoYes
AustriaORF / ServusYesYes (ORF tutorial)
BrazilTV GloboNoNo
United StatesFOX / FS1YesNo
RussiaMatchTVNoYes (tutorial)
JapanNHK General TVYesNo

Which VPN should I use to unblock these channels and watch all the World Cup games?

The legal VPN that works best to unblock foreign channels is called CyberGhost VPN. Why this one? Because on its application, it has a category "For streaming" where you have a list of different TV channels that you can unblock. So you can for example watch the live stream of SRF and BBC which are broadcasting the whole World Cup.

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are two other trusted VPNs that manage to unblock almost as many live TV channels as CyberGhost. They also have a shorter warranty than CG (30 days vs. 45 days for CG) but are efficient and work on all devices.

Why not use a free VPN?

Free VPNs will unfortunately not allow you to watch a live channel because you will have a very poor quality and incessant video cuts. Moreover, most free VPNs are already blocked by the TV channels' websites.

Frequently asked questions

When does the 2022 World Cup in Qatar start?

The 2022 World Cup starts on Sunday, November 20th at 5pm with the opening match between Qatar and Ecuador.

How to watch the England games?

For the 2022 World Cup, all the matches of the England team are broadcasted on BBC.

How to watch all the matches of the World Cup 2022?

With a VPN, you can watch SRF (Swiss channel) or BBC (British channel) which broadcast all 64 matches of the World Cup.

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