How to Watch Happy Valley Outside UK?

Happy Valley is an amazing series on the story of Catherine Cawood, a police sergeant in the fictional town of Happy Valley in West Yorkshire, England. The cliffhanger around John from the second season created so much enthusiasm for the last season of this series. Geo-restriction, however, makes it impossible for people living in other parts of the world, including some European countries, to stream even a single episode.

This is easy to fix, and this article will teach how one can watch Happy Valley outside the UK.

Why Use VPN to Watch Happy Valley from Outside the UK?

Happy Valley is available on BBC iPlayer. However, BBC iPlayer is only available for UK citizens and cannot be used outside the country. 

happy valley on bbc iplayer

This constraint arises from the fact that BBC iPlayer is for UK audiences and receives money from every home in the UK that has a TV license. If you're living outside the UK, you cannot view “Happy Valley” season 3 on your device through this channel.

Fortunately, a VPN eliminates this issue. VPN works by rerouting the user’s internet traffic to a server located in their preferred country and thus having them receive an IP address that makes it appear they are still residing in the country of choice. It allows those located outside the UK to make a connection through the server in Britain and be able to access BBC iPlayer.

We recommend that you use ExpressVPN to stream geographically restricted content, like Happy Valley. It has a vast server network; servers are available in the UK and other countries. Its servers are fast, so you should not be concerned about stream lags or buffers. Here is how to watch BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN outside the UK.

How to Watch Happy Valley Outside UK

To watch Happy Valley outside the UK, you can follow these steps to use ExpressVPN and access BBC iPlayer:

Step 1: Visit the ExpressVPN website and subscribe to a plan of your choice. Then, download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

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Step 2: Launch the app and connect to a UK-based server.

expressvpn connected in uk

Step 3: After connecting to the UK server, open your web browser and go to the BBC iPlayer website. If you already have an account, log in. If not, you can sign up for a free account.

bbc iplayer homepage

Step 4: Once you are logged into BBC iPlayer, you can search for "Happy Valley" and start streaming the show from outside the UK.

Watch Happy Valley abroad on bbc iplayer


VPNs enable you to watch geo-blocked content. Using ExpressVPN, you can simply connect to a UK server and change your IP address so that even streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer become accessible. It is now possible to enjoy the much-awaited third season of “Happy Valley" from anywhere.


What Is Happy Valley About?

Happy Valley is a British crime drama television series that follows the story of Catherine Cawood, a police sergeant in the fictional town of Happy Valley in West Yorkshire, England. The show explores themes of crime, family, and redemption and has gained a large fanbase.

Why is Happy Valley Not Available Outside the UK?

Sadly, Happy Valley cannot be accessed due to geo-blocking by the BBC, which owns broadcast rights. This is done to safeguard the rights of the creators and provide only residents of the UK access to the show.

Why Should I Use ExpressVPN?

We recommend ExpressVPN to be our top choice because its server network is not limited to just the UK but covers other countries as well, providing an acceptable level of reliability with relatively faster connection speeds.

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