How to Watch ITVX Abroad? [Outside UK]

If you're a fan of British television, you may be familiar with ITVX (formerly ITV Hub), a popular streaming service that offers a variety of shows, movies, and live sports events. However, if you're outside of the UK, you may have noticed that ITVX is unavailable in your region due to geo-restriction.

In this article, we will explain how geo-restriction works and how to access ITVX from outside the UK.

How is ITVX blocked? How to unblock it?

Streaming platforms like ITVX use geo-restriction technologies to block access to their content based on the user's location. If you want to see the live channels or shows like Love Island, you may come across this "Error code: 01-04" message: "Outside the UK? Due to our broadcast and content licences, you can only watch ITVX in the UK."

itvx outside the uk error message

It can be frustrating for those who want to access content from a different region. Fortunately, you can change the location of your device using a VPN and locate yourself in the UK even if you are abroad.

How to Watch ITVX Outside UK: Step by Step Tutorial.

A premium VPN such as CyberGhost can bypass these restrictions by changing your IP address. It allows you to access the content even if you're outside the United Kingdom. It's one of the few VPNs (ExpressVPN also works) that can unblock ITVX while providing HD video live streaming without lags.

Step 1: Get a CyberGhost subscription and install it.

Click here and sign up for a subscription plan. You can choose from various packages: monthly, annual, and two-year options.

Download and install the CyberGhost app on your device. The app is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV.

Step 2: Launch the VPN and connect to an ITVX-optimized UK server.

To use the VPN, double-click the app and log in with your CyberGhost account credentials.

Next, go to the "For Streaming" section, search for ITV, and connect to the server by clicking on it. It is necessary to choose a UK server, as this will allow you to access ITVX as if you were physically located in the UK.

launching cyberghost for itvx

Step 3: Visit the ITVX website and create your free account.

Once connected, you can open your web browser and visit the ITVX website. Using CyberGhost, you should now be able to access all of the content on the platform even if you are outside the UK.

You must now create a free ITVX account. To create your ITVX account, click on "Register", and enter your email address as well as a strong password.

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Step 4: Sep up your profile

Next, select your title and enter your first and last names to continue the process. Afterward, enter your date of birth and click the Next button to jump to the next step. Here, enter a United Kingdom postcode, such as E16AN, E17AA, or CF838EX.

itvx registration Post Code

Step 5: Confirm your email

After completing the registration process and setting up your profile, you need to verify your email address with ITVX. Click "send mail", and then go to your email service provider portal for verification. Click "Verify Your Email Now" to verify your email address with ITVX.

itvx Confirm Email

Step 6: Choose a plan

After finishing the registration process, ITVX will ask you to choose a plan, i.e., free with ads or go for premium service. It’s all up to you to select one of your choosing. Yet, the free with-ads version isn’t that bad because ITVX displays fewer ads compared to the other platforms.

itvx free plan

Step 7: Watch your favorite shows without worrying about being blocked!

Here you see that with the help of CyberGhost VPN, we have circumvented the geo-restrictions. Now, you can watch any of your favorite ITV shows without worrying about getting blocked, but only if you have followed the process correctly.

ITVX working

As you can see in the screenshot above, ITVX is working and no longer shows any errors. For example, you can watch live channels or Love Island episodes without any problem!


How do you get ITVX?

ITVX is a British streaming television channel. It is available to watch everyone in the United Kingdom. However, if you are outside of the UK, you need to use a premium VPN service such as CyberGhost VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions. By doing so, you will be changing your IP address and location to one from the UK. It will allow you to watch your favorite shows on ITVX.

Why is the ITV Hub no longer available?

ITV has decided to take down the ITV Hub app because of compatibility issues. Also, it is reported that ITV is upgrading its content protection policy. However, it is replaced by ITVX, a new streaming service from ITV.

Is ITVX (formerly ITV Hub) free to watch?

Yes, ITVX is a free online streaming service. However, some content on ITVX may only be available to users having a TV license. In addition, the ITV Hub does offer a paid subscription service that provides ad-free access to all content on the platform.


To wrap up, ITVX is a British streaming service broadcasting many TV shows and serials, including on-demand videos. But if you are outside the UK, you might have trouble accessing the ITVX website and watching your favorite shows due to geo-restrictions.

Yet, a premium VPN service such as CyberGhostVPN is one of the safest and most reliable ways to overcome geo-blocking. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can enjoy all of the great programming offered by ITVX, no matter where you are located.

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