How to Watch Winter Love Island Season 9 2023 Outside the UK?

Are you a fan of the hit dating show Winter Love Island season 9, but you cannot seem to watch it on ITVX because you are not in the United Kingdom? Don't worry, there is a solution. In this article, we will show you how to easily bypass these restrictions and watch Winter Love Island on ITVX from anywhere in the world.

It is a straightforward process, and we will guide you through it step by step. So, if you want to catch all the romance and drama of the upcoming Winter Love Island 2023, keep reading to find out how to do it with a VPN.

Do you need a VPN to Watch Winter Love Island 2023 Outside UK?

Winter Love Island is a hit show, but if you are not in the UK, you may have trouble accessing it on ITVX due to regional restrictions. Many streaming platforms, including ITVX, only allow users in certain locations to access their content. It is because of licensing agreements and copyright laws that vary by country.

ITVX Error

However, ExpressVPN can make it appear as if you are in the UK by connecting to a UK-based server, allowing you to watch Winter Love Island 2023 on ITVX even if you are physically located elsewhere. It is especially useful for travelers or expats who want to keep up with their favorite shows while abroad.

How to Watch Winter Love Island 2023 Abroad? [TUTORIAL]

So, you tried watching Winter Love Island 2023 but left with the message disclosed in the screenshot below? Don’t worry! Using a premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, you can watch Winter Love Island 2023 no matter where you are.

Error 2

Step 1: Get ExpressVPN

First and foremost, sign up for ExpressVPN and get a subscription tailored to your requirements.

Featuring state-of-the-art site-unblocking mechanisms and security protocols, ExpressVPN works on every operating system, including Windows, Linux, macOS, ChromeOS, Android, iOS, and many more!

Step 2: Install ExpressVPN and log in

Got a subscription? Run the ExpressVPN setup on your device. Next, enter the credentials you used while purchasing the service. It will lead you to a user interface, as shown below.

ExpressVPN UI

Step 3: Connect to a UK server

Next, go to all locations by clicking three dots and search for the United Kingdom. When found, click to select the server. Afterward, click the large, power button-like Connect button.

expressvpn connect

Step 4: Visit ITVX and sign in.

Click here to visit the ITVX website and register on the website.

Using ITVX is free and does not require any phone numbers. However, as you are required to be in the UK, you will have to select the United Kingdom as the country of your location. Also, you need to use a UK postcode, such as E16AN, E17AA, or CF838EX to avoid any location issues.

itvx Post Code

Step 5: Watch Winter Love Island 2023.

Now that you are all set, search for the show. Click Winter Love Island 2023, and Hurray! You can broadcast your favorite show without being disturbed by restrictions.

If you get the error disclosed below, click Watch Now to continue.

love island winter itvx Parental Controls.png

As you can see, ExpressVPN has removed all restrictions, and the Winter Love Island 2023 show is broadcasting smoothly! If you are having problems, try clearing the browser cache or switching to another browser. If you still cannot broadcast the show, contact the ExpressVPN Customer Support team for a quick response.

love island winter playing

Final Verdict

To wrap up, if you live outside the UK and want to watch Winter Love Island 2023 on ITVX, you can use a VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock any regional restrictions and access the show. It's easy to set up and only takes a few steps, and with ExpressVPN, you can enjoy a smooth and secure streaming experience. Read the steps above to learn how to watch Winter Love Island 2023 from outside the UK?


Is there going to be a Winter Love Island in 2023?

Yes, of course. Winter Love Island 2023 will premiere on ITVX, a British broadcasting company, on January 15, 2023. You can follow the steps above to watch the show if you are outside the UK.

Who will host Winter Love Island in 2023?

The 2023 Winter Love Island will be presented by a famous British television presenter, Maya Jama. She has been a part of various other shows and is a renowned personality.

Is there a winter and summer Love Island?

The broadcasting platform of the show, ITVX, confirmed that in 2023, there will be two seasons of the show: one in winter and the other in summer. However, the winter season will take place on January 15, 2023, while the summer dates are yet to be announced.

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