How to Watch Match TV Outside Russia? [TUTORIAL]

Match TV is the number one sports channel in Russia. It is especially known for broadcasting all soccer events live, such as the Champions League. Matchtv is unavailable outside Russia, but there is a trick to watch it everywhere. I will detail all the steps to watch Matchtv outside Russia in this article.

Match TV broadcasts sports events such as soccer, UFC, or ice hockey. Problem is, when you try to watch it from their website, you get this error message:

error message on matchtv live

So I'm going to explain to you how you can unblock Matchtv and be able to watch it from anywhere in the world (in High Definition).

The problem with Matchtv outside Russia

Let's ask the following question: Why is Match TV blocking us from seeing the video and how does the blocking work?

The answer to the first part of the question is simple: MatchTV works only within the Russian territory, and any Internet user who is in another country gets this error message.

For the second part of the question, the answer is only two words: "IP address". Every person connected to the Internet has an IP address. It is a sequence of numbers that allows us to identify a device and see in which country it is located. When we go to Match TV, the service detects our IP address and sees that we are not in Russia. As we are outside Russia, it blocks us from watching the channel live.

So the solution is to pretend that we are in Russia. And this is where the VPN comes in. This app will allow us to change our IP address and choose the country we want. Unlike many VPNs, Cyberghost provides IP addresses in Russia, so we will use it to unblock Matchtv.

4-step Tutorial to unlock and watch Match TV outside Russia

To unblock MatchTV, we will need CyberghostVPN, one of the only VPNs with Russian IPs. Overall, Cyberghost allows you to establish a connection in 91 countries. So you can literally unblock the entire internetโ€ฆ of course, legally.

Once you have it, you can apply the following steps regardless of your device. Cyberghost works on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and SmartTV.

Step 1: Install CyberghostVPN on your computer, smartphone or SmartTV

You can try it without any risk for your wallet thanks to their 45 days money-back guarantee.

Step 2: Open CyberghostVPN and connect in Russia

connect to cyberghost vpn server in russia

Simply search for "Russia" in the search bar and double-click on Russia to connect. When you are connected, you will be able to see your new IP address.

Step 3: Go to the Match TV website and enjoy live TV

Screenshot live matchtv

You will be able to watch the Russian channel live without commercials and interruptions. You can even go back in the broadcast if, for example, you missed the beginning of a sport event like a soccer match.

On tablets and smartphones, it also works very well. On SmartTV, it's the same process: you have to open a browser and go to the Matchtv website.

In the settings (to the right of the volume button), you can adjust the quality of the video: auto (default) / HD 1080p / HD 720p / 480 / 360 / 240. And the button on the right will allow you to put the video full screen.

Step 4: Once you have finished streaming, you can disconnect CyberghostVPN

disconnect cyberghostvpn

To disconnect it, you just need to click on the big connect/disconnect button. And every time you want to watch MatchTV live, you will have to connect to CyberghostVPN's Russian server.

You can also connect the VPN in your home country to hide your IP address and continue to browse the internet anonymously.

The complete Match TV Guide to preview upcoming programs

On the Matchtv TV guide, you will be able to find all the future programs of the Match TV channel. With the VPN tip I gave you, you will be able to watch all these programs in clear.

match tv guide and schedule

A little tip: on Google Chrome you can right-click and then click on "Translate page" to translate the page that is in Russian into English.

As for the programs you can watch, Matchtv broadcasts mostly soccer, ice hockey, boxing and UFC, basketball, Formula 1, and all winter sports (alpine skiing, figure skating, biathlon).

To sum it up...

Match TV is a Russian sports channel that offers a wide range of content for sports fans, including soccer, UFC, and hockey. Due to broadcasting rights restrictions, Match TV is not available outside of Russia. 

However, with CyberghostVPN, you can access Matchtv from anywhere and watch your favorite sports live. You'll also be able to unblock other foreign channels like RTBF (for Formula 1 and MotoGP fans) by connecting to Belgium, Kijk by connecting to the Netherlands, or RTS by connecting to Switzerland.

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