How To Watch ORF Abroad? (Outside Austria)

ORF, the first-ever TV channel in Austria, broadcasts cultural and entertainment programs, TV series, films, and sports. Unfortunately, once you go outside Austria (Germany or elsewhere), you will not be able to watch ORF TVthek live on the website. It uses geo-blocking technologies to prevent people abroad from watching the programs outside Austria.

Yet, we can help you get around the geo-restrictions and watch ORF even if it is unavailable in your country.

Why is ORF geo-restricted?

Of the many reasons why you cannot watch ORF TVthek live outside Austria, one might be the licenses and usage agreements. In many countries, getting a streaming license is not an easy process. Broadcasting companies need to pay a high-priced fee along with the exhausting documentation.

This is the error we get when we try to watch live ORF outside Austria:

orf error nur in osterreich verfugbar

How to watch ORF outside Austria – An ultimate guide

CyberGhost is the solution you are looking for. All the geo-restrictions on ORF TVthek can easily get bypassed using this tool. With this specific VPN, you will be able to connect to Austria to watch ORF without any geo-restriction.

What makes this VPN unique is that it offers specific servers to unblock certain services like ORF (see step 2).

Step 1 – Get CyberGhost

To get a CyberGhost subscription at a discounted price, click here. There are three different packages and you can choose according to your needs. It works on all devices: Mac/Windows computers, iOS/Android smartphones, smartTV...

With this VPN, you will be able to connect to over 90 countries and, in addition to being anonymous, you will be able to unblock a lot of content abroad.

Step 2 – Install and launch CyberGhost

After getting a CyberGhost subscription, install the application on your device. Next, launch CyberGhostVPN. The interface looks like this:

cyberghostvpn for austria ip

Step 3 – Connect to the Austria server optimized for ORF

Then, go to "For streaming" and search for "ORF". Double-click on the server to connect to it. Now you'll be detected by all the websites as you were in Vienna, Austria.

connected to austria to watch orf

Step 4 – Go to the ORF website on your device

Once you're connected, open the ORF app or browse on your device. ORF would think that you are in Austria, as CyberGhost would have routed your connection to an Austrian server.

And as you can see, The live feed that was previously blocked to us is now working:

orf live working abroad with a vpn

Step 5 – Disconnecting CyberGhost

You can disconnect the VPN connection by clicking the large power button on the VPN interface or closing the CyberGhost application. However, if you want to stay anonymous and located virtually in Austria, you should keep the VPN connected.

Otherwise, next time you need access to ORF, follow the same process to connect to CyberGhost first and then watch ORF.

Disconnecting CyberGhost for orf


Why use a premium VPN to bypass geo-restrictions over ORF?

Premium VPNs often use AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt your Internet traffic. It means the data you send or receive is not visible to any third-party service. Plus, unlike many other unblocking methods, including free VPNs, premium VPNs do not market your data or use it for advertisement purposes. They generate their revenue by charging you for their service.

How can I watch Austrian TV like ORF in USA?

In the United States, you can connect to an Austrian server with a VPN to watch live streams of Austrian channels on their site. The technique in this article works in every country in the world.

Final words

To conclude, many people get stuck with the restrictions on ORF TVthek. It uses geo-restriction technologies to prevent people from accessing ORF abroad. In any case, these constraints are no longer hard to overcome.

CyberGhost, a premium VPN service, helps you watch ORF in Germany or elsewhere outside Austria. It is one of the safest ways to overcome geo-restrictions because it uses various security and encryption methods to keep your connection secure. For a step-by-step guide to using CyberGhost, follow the above-given steps.

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