How to Watch YouTube if Blocked at Work or School?

Being in a school, college, or office where YouTube is blocked can be a bit frustrating. There may be a variety of reasons for the authorities to restrict your access to YouTube at work or school. If YouTube is blocked, you will have a message like this:

1 - YouTube blocked school

It can also look like this:

2 - YouTube app blocked work

Even if YouTube is blocked, there are many ways to access it. However, to make it easier, we have two solutions for you to unblock YouTube after hours of research. First, let's discuss the restrictions put in place by your work or school administration before unblocking YouTube.

Method #01 – Unblock YouTube at School or Work Using NordVPN

Using VPNs is a secure, well-established, and, most importantly, ethical way of unblocking content blocked by firewalls, geo-restrictions, and censorship.

As one of the most stable, organized, and efficient VPNs available on the market, NordVPN can protect you against all kinds of cyber-attacks as well as make you completely anonymous. NordVPN works perfectly to unblock YouTube.

To unblock YouTube at your office or school, you can follow the steps below. It works with all devices, even smartphones, and Chromebooks.

Step #01 – Get NordVPN

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VPN for school/work:
Unblock YouTube with NordVPN
By changing your IP address with NordVPN, you will be able to unblock YouTube if the platform is restricted at your school or workplace. It also works to unblock Netflix.
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What’s more? In case of any flaws, you can claim a full refund within 30 days of purchasing the subscription. NordVPN supports all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, Chromebook, and many more.

Step #02 – Launch NordVPN

Afterward, click twice on the NordVPN icon on your desktop. A new window should appear on your screen, as shown below:

3 - Launching Interface of NordVPN

Step #03 – Connect to a server

You can go with a quick connection that uses a server auto-chosen by NordVPN. However, if you want to connect to a specific location, you can click blue dots on the map or choose a server by opening up the server tray and clicking the down arrow below Quick Connect.

4 - Server tray opened

After a successful connection, the User Interface would probably look like this:

6 - NordVPN connected

Step #04 – Search YouTube or open the YouTube app

Now YouTube will be accessible and work as if you were at home!

8 - YouTube unblocked (With Nordvpn)

Step# 05 – Disconnecting NordVPN

To terminate your connection to the NordVPN server, you can click the power icon next to the pause button. Additionally, you can temporarily pause your connection.

Disconnecting Nordvpn

Leave the VPN enabled if you wish to continue having no restrictions and being anonymous on your network. This will make you invisible to the network administrator and prevent him from seeing what sites you are visiting.

Following the same steps would let you use YouTube again.

Method #02 – Using Tor Browser

Another tool that enables you to access YouTube even when it is prohibited by authorities is the free and open-source Tor browser. Tor shields almost every device (it doesn't work with Chromebooks) from online security flaws.

Follow the steps below to configure Tor on your device.

Step #01 – Download and install Tor Browser

By downloading the Tor browser from this page, you'll be able to use it on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. After you've completed the download, click the installation file and launch tor.

Step #02 – Configure and connect Tor Browser

Next, you can open the Tor Browser by clicking the desktop icon twice. It would display a screen similar to this one:

9 - Connecting Tor

Clicking the connect button will establish a connection to the Tor servers so quickly. For the specific customization, Clicking Configure Connection will take you to the customization screen where you can make the Tor browser comply with your requirements. 

10 - Configuring Tor

Step #03 – Browse YouTube

Once you have established the connection, you should be able to access YouTube. It should remove all the restrictions and display a window like this:

11 - YouTube unblocked (With Tor)

Step #04 – Disconnecting Tor

Disconnecting Tor is far easier than every other tool. You can just close the application and it will stop your connection with Tor Network. Follow the same steps to unblock YouTube with Tor again.

Restrictions over YouTube and why would you unblock it?

There are billions of users on YouTube, making it the largest video-sharing platform in the world. Each day, millions of content creators share their talent with you in the form of excellent content. Not all videos are meant to be viewed by everyone. It is also not common for schools and offices to allow students or employees to watch YouTube in the workplace.

During school and at work, students and workers focus on specific tasks. Students could be distracted from their studies and the work environment if they use sites such as YouTube. Furthermore, since it serves as an entertainment website, YouTube can cause pandemonium.

Several reasons could motivate you to unblock YouTube at work or school. These include learning a new term related to your job and watching a study video to acquire some knowledge about a topic from your curriculum.

We'll take you through several options for getting around YouTube restrictions at work or school.

Final words

In conclusion, Since YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform, many schools and companies restrict its access to avoid distractions. However, watching YouTube is not bad if you have already finished your work or intend to use it for educational purposes only.

To bypass YouTube restrictions, NordVPN is the best choice with its secure network. Tor is another free alternative if you want to unblock YouTube without paying for it.

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