Does NordVPN allow Torrenting?

One of the main reasons people decide to use a VPN service like NordVPN is to be able to torrent safely. However, torrent downloading is not allowed by all VPNs, so the question is... is NordVPN torrent friendly? This is what we will see in this article.

NordVPN has a lot of servers with military grade encryption and it is also very affordable. While NordVPN is one of the best VPNs in the market, there is a lot of debate on whether VPN allows torrenting or not. Let's see if it is an issue for NordVPN.

Note: This article does not encourage illegal downloading.

Does NordVPN allow P2P traffic (torrent downloading)? 

The short answer is yes.

But when you talk to a support person to get information about using NordVPN for torrent downloads, you may get this kind of message:

"NordVPN service should never be used to bypass copyright regulations. We do not promote, condone, or endorse the use of the service for digital piracy or violating, infringing, misappropriating other people's intellectual property."

In reality, I download torrents almost every week with NordVPN and I have never encountered any issues such as blocking or slowed down speeds.

Often I even use "P2P" servers from NordVPN that are dedicated to torrenting:

NordVPN p2p servers

Sure they don't promote their VPN for torrent downloading but they have servers for those who want to download torrent. In this case, NordVPN is a very good VPN when it comes to P2P.

Thus, you will be able to download torrent without having any authorization or problems with NordVPN.

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Does NordVPN keep logs on people who download torrents?

When downloading torrent files with a VPN, it is important that the VPN does not keep track of our activity.

Some VPNs do not keep our logs and all our activity is therefore invisible. This kind of VPN is to be recommended so that there is no trace of what we have downloaded.

NordVPN is a VPN known as "no-logs" which does not keep any data of our browsing and downloading history.

nordvpn terms no logs

As you can see in the official terms and conditions of NordVPN, it is stated that they do not keep logs.

With a NordVPN license, you will be able to use your account simultaneously on up to 6 devices. To control this, NordVPN will keep track of the time you connected to the VPN and your username for up to 15 minutes after your session. 15 minutes after your session, this data is deleted. This algorithm was designed to prevent abuse of shared accounts.

Is NordVPN good for torrenting ?

NordVPN is one of the best VPN for torrenting due to its strict no-logging policy and its special P2P servers. It has a killswitch, DNS leak protection and 256-bit encryption which means your data will be safe. 

Most importantly for me as a torrenting user: NordVPN does not keep any logs of your internet and download activity. This includes all what you do when you are connected on the internet: your metadata, your browsing history, your downloads, your IP address... 

This means that NordVPN can’t hand over any data to authorities if they ask for it. This is why NordVPN is good for torrenting because it will protect you from snooping ISPs and copyright hunters who monitor torrents.

NordVPN is also very fast for downloading as you can see on this speedtest:

nordvpn terms no logs

Does NordVpn work with uTorrent and other torrent clients ?

Yes, NordVPN works with uTorrent and all torrent clients, such as Transmission (the one I advise), Deluge, qBittorrent, Vuze, and BitTorrent. 

Personally I use NordVPN with Transmission and everything works perfectly. I recommend you to use Transmission because this torrent client is open source, without ads, and it consumes less resources than most other torrent software.

nordvpn with transmission client torrenting

This VPN also works for torrent clients that are online like uTorrent web and Bittorrent web.

How do I use NordVPN for Torrenting? The steps

It's very easy to use NordVPN with uTorrent and other torrent clients.

You have 2 choices :

  • Set up NordVPN manually in the settings of your torrent client
  • Connect NordVPN and then start downloading your torrent(s) 

In this section, I am going to show the 2nd choice which is the easiest way to use NordVPN for torrenting. If you're interested in bulk torrenting, I explain the manual method in depth in this article.

So, let's start with the first step:

  1. Launch NordVPN 
  2. Scroll down to or search for P2P servers. Double click on it to connect. Sometimes, no P2P servers are available and in this case you can use classic servers.
P2p servers in nordvpn
  1. Now you can download all the torrents you want anonymously and safely. You can find your torrent files on websites like RARBG or YTS. If you're fond of animes I made a video about the best anime torrent websites.
  2. Once your torrent downloads are finished, you can go back to NordVPN and disconnect the VPN.

As you have just seen these steps are very simple and you don't need to be a computer genius to apply them. 

Where should I put the NordVPN location for torrenting? 

Some countries like France have a "police" of illegal downloading while other countries don't care at all.

Anyway, when you use NordVPN you will be anonymous even if you are on a French server. And the police can't trace you because NordVPN deletes all your data.

But for some general knowledge, it's interesting to know that some countries don't have specific laws regarding torrent downloading.

The safest countries to torrent are Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, and Netherlands.

Torrents can be downloaded freely in these countries if they are not downloaded for commercial purposes and if they are works of art (only for Netherlands). To make sure you're protected to the fullest degree, select one of these countries from NordVPN. You should choose the location that is closest to you to get the best speed.


😵 Can you go to jail for Torrenting?

I am not a lawyer so this is not legal advice, plus it depends of the law of your country. But yes, you can go to jail for torrenting in some cases. Torrenting may not be illegal, but downloading certain copyrighted material - including software, music, and movies - is.

🤷‍♂️ Does VPNs in general allow Torrenting?

Generally, VPNs do allow torrenting. However, there are many VPN providers with policies against torrenting. This is because torrenting is not in their financial interests. Some VPN providers are paid by content providers to stop torrenting. So they implement policies to do so.

🌍 Which country's VPN is best for torrenting?

Switzerland is known to be one of the best countries for torrent downloading.  The reason behind this is that the government of Switzerland has come up with some rather user-friendly laws regarding download of content over the internet. For instance,  if you downloaded content for personal use, then there is nothing to worry about.

⚡️ Does NordVPN fast for torrent downloading?

Yes, NordVPN does not slow down your speed for torrent downloads. Nord VPN allows P2P sharing and even provides servers called "P2P" specifically for downloading torrent.

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