How To Watch Kijk Outside the Netherlands? 3 Steps Tutorial

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to watch the Dutch platform Kijk when you're outside the Netherlands. On this platform, you will find all the best UFC, wrestling, and soccer events!

Sadly, this is the error message that appears when trying to watch the live stream outside of the Netherlands: "Unfortunately, the video cannot be played. It is possible that you are watching it from abroad."

error message kijk abroad

As you may have guessed, the trick to unblock Kijk is simply to make the website believe that we are in the Netherlands. And for that, we will use CyberghostVPN which will allow us to connect to more than 91 countries including the Netherlands.

I will show you exactly how to use it to unlock Kijk in the next part of the article. You'll see, it's a breeze! Just before you start, you can also watch this video where I detail all the steps.

Step 1: Install CyberghostVPN on your device

For this first step, you will have to get CyberghostVPN and install it on your device: Windows / Mac / Linux computer, Android or iOS smartphone, tablets, SmartTV… You will receive the link to install it by email.

The cool thing is that Cyberghost has an app for almost every device and with one account you will be able to use it on 7 different devices at once.

The interface looks like this on just about every device:

cyberghost servers and countries

PS: The steps are the same on all devices so you can easily follow this tutorial. πŸ’ͺ

Step 2: Connect to the Netherlands

You can use the search bar to find the Netherlands (not "Holland"). Double-click on the Netherlands to log in to that country.

Once you log in, the CyberghostVPN interface will look like this:

cyberghostvpn is connected to the netherlands

Our IP address is now Dutch. All websites, including Kijk's, will think you are located in the Netherlands, how about that?

Step 3: Go to the Kijk site to watch the live stream

Now this is the easiest step. Go to the Kijk site and click on what you are interested in looking at.

Shortcut for those who want to watch UFC on Kijk, it goes directly to the UFC category.

kijk live outside the netherlands

The live stream will then work perfectly. You will have a very good quality (HD), and no lags.

When you have finished watching your program on Kijk, you can then disconnect Cyberghost by clicking on the big connect/disconnect button as in step 2.

And every time you want to watch Kijk, you will have to launch Cyberghost and connect to the Netherlands.

Note that this technique also works for RTBF (Belgium), RTS (Switzerland), or MatchTV (Russia). With these 4 channels, you will be able to watch literally all sports events: soccer matches (including all Champions League matches), WWE Wrestling, MMA, UFC, Boxing, Formula 1, Moto GP, etc.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Kijk? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

In addition to being a video platform, Kijk is a grouping of SBS6, Net5 and Veronica channels. On their website, you will find live programs and complete shows. You will also be able to watch many live sports such as soccer, UFC and wrestling.

Why is Kijk blocked outside the Netherlands? ❌

KIJK has a geo-restriction system and the platform is particularly restrictive. It blocks live streaming to all non-Dutch IP addresses. This limits many Dutch TV fans around the world who are traveling or simply trying to watch programs that are not available in their country.

Is it possible to watch Kijk abroad? πŸ—Ί

It is possible to bypass the geographical restriction of Kijk to be able to watch Kijk abroad. To do so, it is necessary to change your IP address and get a Dutch IP.


In this case, a VPN with Netherlands-based servers will suffice for watching Kijk outside of the Netherlands. By connecting to it, Kijk lifts its geo-restriction because the platform believes that we are indeed in the Netherlands. With this technique, we can easily access Kijk and all its programs abroad.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to unblock Kijk. Don't forget that you will be able to use this technique on a lot of foreign channels. With CyberghostVPN, you will also be able to unblock the Netflix catalog from all over the world or browse and download anonymously by hiding your IP address.

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