How To Watch SVT Play Outside Sweden? [TUTORIAL]

I'll show you how to watch SVT Play outside of Sweden in this tutorial. When you're abroad, this message appears when you want to watch a program or live channel on SVT Play: "Programmet kan bara ses i Sverige." It means: "The program can only be seen in Sweden".

SVT Play error Programmet kan bara ses i Sverige

As you can guess, the solution is to make the SVT Play site think we're in Sweden.

To achieve this, I use ExpressVPN. This software (there's also an app) will enable us to connect to a Swedish server to watch SVT Play programs and live streams.

I'll now show you how to use it to access SVT.

Step 1 - Get ExpressVPN on your device

With ExpressVPN, you'll be able to connect to servers in almost every country in the world including Sweden. This is very handy because when you connect to a foreign server, you can access geographically restricted content and foreign channels.

Example: SVT Play with a Swedish server when you're on vacation abroad.

This VPN service costs around €2 per month and will allow you to watch live content from any country. It works very well for SVT Play.

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ExpressVPN: Unblock SVT Play Abroad
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If you want to watch SVT all year round, I'd advise you to take the 1-year or 2-year offer, which will save you 82% (it then comes to €2.11 per month).

Step 2 - Connect to Sweden with ExpressVPN

Once you've downloaded the software (you'll receive an e-mail with installation instructions), launch ExpressVPN on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

You will then be prompted to log in with the credentials you received by e-mail.

Once ExpressVPN is open, display the list of countries then search and select "Sweden" to connect to Sweden.

connect to sweden with expressvpn

After a few seconds, you'll be connected to the Swedish server.

As long as you're connected to the VPN, all sites will think you're located in Sweden, and you'll be able to watch Swedish TV.

We can now move on to the third and final step.

Step 3 - Go to SVT website and watch SVT Play

Once you're connected to a server in Sweden, open your browser and go to the SVT Play website.

You can now watch live channels (SVT1, SVT2...) without error and no registration is required.

SVT Play live working outside sweden

The same applies to all other programs on SVT Play, such as series.

SVT Play serie working outside sweden

Once you've finished watching the live stream, you can return to the VPN and click on the disconnect button to get back your normal IP address.

If you want to watch the live stream over the Internet on another day, start again from step 2 by connecting to a Swedish server again with ExpressVPN. It's so easy!

Is it possible to watch SVT Play abroad without a VPN?

Even if you're Swedish, you won't be able to watch SVT Play outside of Sweden without using a VPN.

The reason is simple: the content on SVT Play has broadcasting rules and, for legal reasons, cannot be watched outside Sweden.

Indeed, unlike Netflix and HBO, SVT Play isn't covered by the EU's portability law. The regulation generally applies to services that are paid for and when the service provider has influence over the subscriber. The concept is that you can carry services that you paid for even when you're on vacation. In this case, SVT's funding via the Public service fee is not considered a paid service.

svt play terms and conditions abroad

Fortunately, there's a solution. As you've seen in this tutorial, by connecting to a Swedish server with ExpressVPN, SVT Play thinks we're in Sweden, so we can watch all the programs while we're outside Sweden.

Why use ExpressVPN and not another VPN?

According to our tests, ExpressVPN is the most reliable VPN for unblocking SVT Play outside Sweden. It has two servers located in Stockholm, allowing us to connect remotely in Sweden whether you're in Spain or the farthest reaches of Australia.

You don't have to be a computer genius to use ExpressVPN, as the interface has been designed to be easy for everyone. You can install this VPN on virtually any device, even SmartTVs. With a single subscription, you can install and use ExpressVPN on 5 different devices.


Finally, compared to other VPNs like NordVPN or Surfshark, ExpressVPN has even faster servers, so you can watch SVT live without interruptions or slowdowns.


If you want to watch SRT live again, simply repeat the last 2 steps. This technique works very well for watching SRT outside Sweden. 

If you still can't watch SRT live, or if you get a message like "This content cannot be played", I suggest you disconnect from the VPN and try the other Swedish server in the ExpressVPN list. But it usually works the first time and we've never had any connection problems with SRT. Enjoy your viewing!

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