How to Get on the Dark Web on Windows?

Do you have a Windows computer and you want to get on the dark web? In this article, I will show you all the steps to access it safely and browse it anonymously on any version of Windows.

The dark web sites have a .onion extension (like a .com or .org) so you can't go on these websites with your classic browser. But the dark web is not as dangerous as it may seem and there are many myths around this hidden internet. If you're just surfing, it's not illegal to go there.

This method also works on iOS, Android, and Mac.

Preparing to sail the dark web: 2 softwares you need on Windows

Safety first! When you access the dark web, you want to avoid any problem (hacking, data stealth…) so you have to get the right tools.

Here are the 2 software you absolutely need:

1) Tor Browser

This browser will let you access the dark web network and open .onion links. You simply can’t get on the dark web without Tor. It’s obviously available on Windows. 

2) NordVPN

NordVPN will allow you to change your IP address and add an additional layer of security. Tor also changes your IP address but Tor can have some vulnerabilities. A lot of times in Tor history, hackers succeed to get Torrent users' IP addresses. 

I connect to NordVPN before launching Tor Browser each time I want to go on the dark web.

Get on the Dark Web on Windows in 5 simple steps

In this section, I am going to show how to get on the dark web safely with your Windows computer. You will see, it’s quite simple but you have to follow all the steps correctly.

Step 1: Launch NordVPN and click on “Quick connect” to connect NordVPN and change your IP address. 

Nordvpn on Windows

NordVPN will then pick the fastest server for you. It takes a few seconds to connect, and once you will be connected, you will have the “Protected" green message.

NordVPN connected on Windows

Step 2: Now you can launch Tor Browser. It will look like this on your Windows computer.

Tor browser on windows

Step 3: To browse dark web websites, you must know some .onion links because there is no Google on the dark web. I will leave you at the bottom of the article a lot of trusted .onion links you can go to. When you want to open a link, simply right-click on it, then select “Copy link address” and paste it in the Tor Browser URL address bar.

Step 4: For a fresh start, you can first open a directory .onion website. The directories have a lot of dark web links you can then go to. Here is an example of one:

Dark web website on tor

As I said, you can also find .onion links at the end of this article. For example, you can find the .onion link of a dark web news website: DarknetLive.

Dark web website on tor - darknet live

Step 5: Once you finished your dark web exploration and browsing, you can simply quit Tor Browser by clicking on the close button in the window corner

You can also go back to NordVPN and click on “Disconnect" so you can get back your original IP address. If you want to stay anonymous on the classic web, you can leave NordVPN enabled.

Onion Links

Search engines





Social Media


Dangers of the Dark Web You Should Know About

To access the dark web, users must take many precautions to avoid the dangers of this hidden part of the internet. So you must use a VPN because it hides your IP address even more. And with a VPN, you are no longer at the mercy of potential vulnerabilities on Tor

If you are going to buy things on the dark web, you also need to make sure that your payments are anonymous. So you should always make your payments with a cryptocurrency (Monero is anonymous). 

Make sure that your communication with a seller is always encrypted. You will use the public key that the seller publishes on his page, to encrypt the information you send to the seller. Only the seller has the private key to decrypt the message. The buyer's address is therefore only known to the seller, who undertakes to delete it as soon as possible.

Another big danger is the cyber-attack. The Darknet actors all have very different interests and without protection, some hackers could get your IP address. They could then try to hack your webcam or infiltrate your computer. That's why I insist on using a VPN over Tor for even more protection. In the best case, you could also use the VPN and Tor on a virtual machine.


🐣 Who created the Dark Web?

The dark web was created in the 60s’ by the United States to protect military and intelligence communications. This experimental protocol name was: Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). This was created to prevent foreign adversaries and domestic terrorists from having access to government information. The dark web is only accessible through anonymity servers or secure browsers like Tor.

🏴‍☠️ Is Tor illegal?

Tor is not illegal. Tor is a network that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Using Tor protects you from Internet surveillance.

⚖️ How big is the Deep Web?

The deep web is a part of the internet that cannot be accessed by a standard web browser. The deep web has been estimated to make up anywhere from five to fifty percent of the total size of the internet, but it’s difficult to measure because no one can find out how many websites exist on this network.

📲 Can you access the Dark Web on all devices?

Almost with all the devices yes. You can access it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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