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Tom VincentApril 11, 2024
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In this article, I will give you the top 5 best French torrent websites I use. Yes, French torrents can be hard to find…

But you will have with this list a good base of sites to find the French torrent you are looking for! I am French myself so I know the best websites.

Let's start with the first torrent website:

1) Oxtorrent

  • Registration required: No

On Oxtorrent, you will find more than 25000 torrents in French! It's the new site of the well-known Torrent9 website and there is categories for everyone: movies and series in French, music, software, games, etc.

screenshot of oxtorrent

Sometimes the domain name of the site closes, and it often changes its URL to fix this problem. To see the last official address of the site, you have to go on Oxtorrent Support.

Downloading a torrent from Oxtorrent is very straightforward. You use for example the search bar to find a torrent and when you are on the page of the torrent you are interested in, click "Download" or "Magnet Link".

WARNING: Before downloading french torrents, you need a VPN like Cyberghost to change your IP address and download ANONYMOUSLY.

I recommend you CyberGhostVPN since it has torrent-optimized servers. This will allow you to download ANONYMOUSLY with an excellent speed while avoiding law problems. Of all the VPNs I've tested, this is the fastest for torrenting.

And for torrent software, I recommend Transmission or qBittorrent. I don't like uTorrent because there are too many ads.

2) YGG

  • Registration required: Yes

The second site is one of the most popular French torrent sites: YGGtorrent. In addition to movies and TV shows, you'll also find ebooks, animes, music, software, classic and emulated video games, and even online courses in french.

The only downside is that to use it, you'll have to register… so that's why I personally prefer the other sites on this list.

yggtorrent website screenshot

Again, the YGG site sometimes changes URLs and on this link you can find the official addresses that are currently active as well as those that have been removed. Moreover, some YGG URLs have been blocked by the ISPs, but you will be able to get to them using a VPN like Cyberghost.

To download a torrent it's very simple; just select a torrent and click on "Download torrent".

3) Torrent911

  • Registration required: No

The Torent911 website is back on track and you can download a lot of torrents in French. Once again you have several categories: Movies / Series / Music / eBooks / Software / PC Games / Console Games / Top 100 / Latest Additions.

torrent911 website screenshot

And to download a torrent on the site of the little red tiger, nothing more simple, you click on the one that interests you, then you click on "Download".

4) GKtorrents

  • Registration required: No

Then you also have GKtorrents which looks like and seems to offer the same torrent as Oxtorrent. I believe that the creators of GKtorrents and Oxtorrents are the same. Anyway, it has the same categories and there is really a lot of choice!

gktorrents website screenshot

The good thing is that you don't need to register and when you find a torrent, you can click on "Download" or "Magnet link".

5) TorrentSeeker

  • Registration required: No

Ok, so this last website that I suggest for this list is a bit special. Indeed, TorrentSeeker is not a website like the others because it is a search engine for torrent files!

Just like a regular search engine, you will be able to search for the name of the torrent in the search bar and TorrentSeeker will pull up a list of all the reliable torrent websites that have that torrent. Therefore, you don't need to search through many different websites, which is great.

screenshot of the torrentseeker website

Tip: When you search on TorrentSeeker, connect your VPN to Mexico and you'll get 2 or 3 times more results. A lot of sites are blocked in the US, and these don't appear in TorrentSeeker's search results.

Downloading torrent with a VPN: Is it a good idea?

Illegal downloading can be punished by law depending on the country you are in. Torrent downloads can also be tracked by some companies specialized in copyright infringement (especially in the movie industry).

On some torrent files, they can detect that you were downloading with your IP address. And from your IP address, they will be able to have all the data about you (by contacting your internet provider): name, first name, phone number, postal address, etc.

One of the main features of a VPN is to change your IP address. Problem: many VPNs change your IP address perfectly but will slow down your speed enormously when downloading torrents. Some even simply do not allow torrent downloads.

The VPN I can recommend for downloading torrents is Cyberghost. It works on all devices that can download torrents and it has a BIG strength: it has servers dedicated to torrent downloading.

VPN protection for torrent downloads
(My CyberghostVPN is in French because I change the language but by default, it will be in English)

In addition to changing your IP address and slipping through the cracks of "copyright spies", you can enjoy fast download speeds thanks to Cyberghost's dedicated torrent download servers. I compared several VPNs for P2P downloading and this is definitely the fastest in this area.

Moreover, if you don't use a VPN, all your torrent download history is visible and available simply by pasting your IP address on the IKnowWhatYouDownload website. An example of torrent download history with an IP address that I have masked:

torrent download history iknowwhatyoudownload

Final notes on this top 5 of the best French torrent websites

To summarize, here is the list of the 5 best French torrent websites:

  1. Oxtorrent
  2. YGGTorrent
  3. Torrent911
  4. GKtorrents
  5. TorrentSeeker

I hope you enjoyed this article and this selection of 5 websites. Thanks to them, you won't waste your time looking for the torrent you want in French.

As I told you all along the article, I recommend you to use a VPN optimized for torrent downloading (Cyberghost is the one I use) as well as torrent software without ads like Transmission or qBittorrent.

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