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It's time for me to admit something: I'm one of those people who prefer torrenting over streaming (maybe it's my boomer side coming out). When I want to watch a new anime, I always turn to my list of the best anime torrent sites.

With this article, I would like to share with you this list of 5 sites where you can find anime torrents very easily. The last one is not necessarily specialized in anime but you can find literally EVERYTHING on it (including animes).

Let's start with the first site!

1) Nyaa.si

My first favorite website to download free anime is called Nyaa. It's pretty simple and you don't need to register. In the search bar on the top right, you just have to type the name of an anime you want to download and you will get a list like this one:

screenshot de nyaa.si

If you want the audio or subtitles to be in a specific language, I advise you to press CTRL + F or CMD + F and then type your language code like "FR" for French torrents or "ES" for Spanish torrents. You will then be able to easily find torrents in your language among the list of torrents that Nyaa offers you.

To download the torrent just click on its title. Before downloading you can check the comments to see if there are any problems with the file.

Before downloading I also recommend you to use a VPN like Cyberghost to change your IP address and download anonymously. That way you are anonymous and you escape the "copyright trackers".

For torrent downloading, the best VPN in my opinion is Cyberghost because it has servers optimized for torrenting.

You have a large discount on CyberghostVPN via this link. I advise you to select a country close to your home so that the server will be fast. I did some tests and it is the fastest VPN for torrenting.

2) ShanaProject.com

Let's move to the second website: Shana Project. Once again, this website is very easy to use. You type in the search bar the name of the anime you want to watch and you will have quite a lot of results

screenshot shanaproject

I suggest you click on "expand all" (below the search bar) to have information about the file. Usually, the torrents are in the original language with subtitles in English.

And as you can see on the screenshot above, on the homepage you can see at a glance the latest anime torrents that have been added.

3) TokyoToshokan

On the third site TokyoToshokan, you will find a lot of anime to download in torrent. The interface is not very elegant but considering the number of anime on this website, you won't be disappointed!

screenshot tokyotoshokan

To download, you just have to click on the title of the anime you have chosen. You can then start the download by opening this file on your torrent software (again, remember to connect CyberghostVPN first for your anonymity).

By clicking on "Submit Torrent" you can even add your own torrent file.

4) SubsPlease

If you have ever downloaded anime torrents, you probably know SubsPlease. It is one of the most important platforms offering anime torrent files for download. You will find a large selection of recent anime on it.

subsplease screenshot

To download a torrent on this site, use the search bar on the top right. You can then search for the anime you are interested in, such as "Hunter x Hunter". Every episode is there, so go try SubsPlease!

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can click on "Magnet" or "Torrent".

5) TorrentSeeker

The fifth and last website of this top 5 is a bit special since it is not a torrent file platform dedicated to anime. Yes, TorrentSeeker is a search engine. And on it, you will be able to find everything!

To use it, just search the anime you want in the search bar. Most of the time, the torrents are in English. But as I told you before, you can add the code of your language, e.g. "FR", "French" or "VOSTFR" as I did for the search below with "Jujutsu Kaisen".

torrentseeker animes screenshot

TorrentSeeker's system is simple: it will only display in its results reliable torrent sites like RARBG, TorrentFunk, or TorrentDownloads. And before that, it will of course search if a torrent associated with what you typed exists on one of these sites.

If you have few results with TorrentSeeker, it may mean that some torrent websites are blocked by your country and therefore cannot be displayed in the TS list. In this case, simply connect Cyberghost to another country and unblock all the websites.

Summary of the 5 best sites for anime torrents

Here is the links of the top 5 best anime torrent websites:

  1. Nyaa
  2. ShanaProject
  3. TokyoToshokan
  4. SubsPlease
  5. TorrentSeeker

I remind you that if you are looking for anime in a foreign language, it is better to turn to the website Nyaa or the search engine TorrentSeeker to find what you want.

On these sites, you can find all kinds of anime: from classics like Dragon Ball Z to more modern anime like One Piece or Hunter x Hunter. To avoid problems and remain anonymous, I advise you to use CyberghostVPN before you start downloading your torrents.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the 5 best websites to find and download anime torrents. I find it easier and easier to find them, so I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for! And what's more, in good quality… so enjoy!

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