How To Set Up qBittorrent with NordVPN?

Tom VincentApril 20, 2024
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In this article, we will show you how to set up NordVPN with qBittorrent. All ll the torrents you download will be downloaded with NordVPN directly and you will be anonymous.

This will allow you to use NordVPN just on qBittorrent while for example watching Youtube videos with your normal connection.

Steps to set up qBittorrent with NordVPN:

Setting up qBittorrent with NordVPN is a great way to stay anonymous while downloading torrent files. Setting up qBitorrent to download with NordVPN is simple and works the same way on Mac and Windows. All you have to do is follow these steps:

15 minutes

  1. Open the qBittorrent connection preferences

    2 Open the qBittorrent connection preferences

    To open the connection preferences, click on the jog wheel to open the preferences window. Then click on "Connection".

  2. Select SOCKS5 in proxy type

    3 Select SOCKS5 in proxy type

    Under "Proxy Server", select "SOCKS5".

  3. Enter "1080" for the "Port"

    4 enter 1080 for the port

    It is not 1080 by default, so you have to change the port number.

  4. Enter one of the host addresses of your choice among the NordVPN host addresses

    5 Enter one of the host addresses of your choice among the NordVPN host addresses

    Go to the page where NordVPN host addresses dedicated to torrenting are listed and choose your address. I advise you to select a city near you because the download will be faster.

    Enter this address in the Host field of qBittorrent.

  5. Tick the "Use proxy for peer connections" box

    6 Tick the Use proxy for peer connections box

    Don't forget to check this box.

  6. Tick the "Authentication" box and enter your NordVPN configuration credentials

    7 Tick the "Authentication" box and enter your NordVPN configuration credentials

    To find your NordVPN configuration credentials, log into your account on the NordVPN website. Then, under "Services", click on "NordVPN". Finally, scroll down to the very bottom where you will find your credentials you can copy.

  7. Last step: Validate all changes by clicking on "OK"!

    8 Validate all changes by clicking on OK

    This way, these settings are saved on qBittorrent and the P2P software is ready to download with NordVPN integrated.

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Verify that it works:

After setting up qBittorrent to work with NordVPN, you may ask yourself the question, "How do I verify that it works and that my torrents will be downloaded with NordVPN, and not with my own IP address?"

To check that our configuration has been set up correctly, we will use the IPleak site and its "Torrent Address detection" feature. This feature will allow us to download a "test torrent" and the IP address with which we download this torrent will be displayed on Ipleak (only for us).

So go to the IPleak site, then scroll down to "Torrent Address detection". Then click on "Activate".

torrent test IP address on qbittorrent

Then, IPleak will give you your magnet address for the test torrent. Right-click to copy the torrent's magnet address before entering it into qBittorrent.

Torrent Address Detection IPleak

Then go to qBittorrent, click on the top left to add a magnet link, and paste the link. Then click on "Download".

add magnet link on qbittorrent

As you can see, the torrent is active and all you have to do is come back to IPleak to click on "Refresh" so that it updates the data and displays the IP address that downloads the torrent.

torrent test IP address on qbittorrent

Finally, go to a website that finds the geographical location of an IP address, IPlocation. Copy the address in the search field of IPlocation then confirm.

As you can see, our configuration with NordVPN is working well because the IP address is detected in Amsterdam. This corresponds to the Host address we entered in step 4.

find ip address location

If everything works for you then congratulations, you have correctly configured qBittorrent to directly download its torrents with a NordVPN server!


Torrenting is a great way to download files quickly and efficiently, but it can often leave you vulnerable to download-watchdog networks.

To improve your privacy when downloading via P2P, make sure your connection is protected by a VPN. Use what you learned in this tutorial and set qBittorrent to automatically download with NordVPN.

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