How To Access The Dark Web Safely on Mac? [TUTORIAL]

Tom VincentApril 29, 2024
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Accessing the Dark Web safely on your Mac is totally possible with the right tools. In this article, we are going to show you the method so you can enjoy the dark web world on your Mac.

In addition to being anonymous with another IP address, you will be protected from DNS leaks and potential Tor Browser vulnerabilities.

Here are the 2 tools you need to get on the Dark Web on Mac

In order to access the dark web on your Mac, you will need a browser that can access the Tor network and a VPN that will change the root IP address of your Macbook and protect you against Tor vulnerabilities.

1) Browser: Tor Browser for Mac

Download tor Browser

Tor Browser is the number one browser choice for almost every darknet user. It’s available for all devices including Mac. Among other things, it allows you to connect to the dark web network.

2) VPN: NordVPN for Mac

NordVPN is a premium VPN service provider offering one of the most complete feature sets on the market.

It will change your IP address and you will be more anonymous. You won’t be in danger even if there are some vulnerabilities on Tor Browser.

NordVPN on Mac

8 steps to access the dark web on your Mac

Step 1: Download and install Tor Browser on your Macbook

Step 2: Get NordVPN here (discount link) and install it on your Mac

Step 3: Launch NordVPN and click on "Quick Connect".

Connect to Nordvpn

NordVPN will change your IP address and find the fastest server for you based on your location. This is what NordVPN will look like when you are connected.

Successfully connected to NordVPN

Step 4: Once NordVPN is connected, you can launch Tor Browser. When you open it, it will look like this:

Tor Browser on Mac

Step 5: Now you can browse the dark web but you will need some links. To find these sites in .onion, you can go on directories like "The Dark Web Pug" (link here) to get a ton of links.

Examples of Darknet website #2

At the end of the article, I list more .onion links that might interest you.

Step 6: Open the links that interest you and explore the dark side of the net with sites like "DarknetLive":

Examples of Darknet website #1

This is a good site to start with because you will have more knowledge about the dark web world and its actors. You will get a lot of news about important people on the dark web.

Step 7: Once you're done browsing, you can quit Tor Browser with command + Q or by clicking on "Tor Browser" and on "Quit Tor Browser".

Quit tor browser

Step 8:  You can also disconnect NordVPN by clicking on "Disconnect".

Disconnect Nord VPN

If you also want to anonymize your browsing on the classic web (surface web), you can also leave the VPN enabled.

You can use the same method on an iPhone with NordVPN and an Onion browser (tutorial here).

Some .onion links to facilitate your navigation on the dark web

Link directories

Search engines





Social Media



What can I find on the Dark Web?

To be frank, you can find a lot of illegal things on the dark web: drugs, e-books usually censored, movies and series, scientific literature, videos, steroids, weapons, cellphones, various services, and even mystery boxes.

But not all of the things of the dark web are illegal. In fact, even the FBI and the New York Times have a version of their website you can access only on the dark web.

Is the Darknet dangerous?

To answer this, I will use the most common answer to this type of question: “It will depend on what you’re doing on the dark web”. Browsing the dark web and making videos about it for years, I never had a problem. Same for friends which are buying on regular basis from darknet marketplaces. But if you do really bad things on there, you get some trouble.

Are you anonymous on Tor Browser?

When you launch Tor, you will get a new IP address so technically you are anonymous. But in the past (and multiple times), there have been Javascript vulnerabilities that allow hackers to get your real IP address. That’s why you should always connect to a VPN before opening Tor Browser to add an extra security layer.

How do you pay on the Dark Web?

On the Dark web, you can pay for your goods and services in crypto. The most used ones are Bitcoin and Monero.

What is the difference between the dark web and the deep web?

The dark web (or darknet) is a network of “.onion” websites that are accessible only with a special browser (like Tor Browser). The deep web is content on the World Wide Web that is not indexed by search engines.

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