How to Bypass "Withheld" Restriction on Twitter? [TUTORIAL]

Tom VincentApril 11, 2024
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Twitter is a very interesting social network but sometimes we may encounter restrictions depending on our country or the Twitter account we want to visit. Two typical error messages may then occur: 

  1. "Twitter account withheld
  2. "Twitter country withheld content

Fortunately, there is a trick to unblock these restrictions and enjoy Twitter without any blocking. The steps and instructions in this article will help you bypass these Twitter errors easily.

Why do "Withheld" errors show up on Twitter?

"Twitter account withheld" or "Twitter country withheld content" errors appear on Twitter when the content of a particular Twitter account or tweet is restricted or unavailable in certain countries due to local laws and regulations. 

If you are in another country, you may have better luck accessing the tweet or Twitter account without any errors. Usually, Twitter gives us the list of countries where an account is restricted as is the case below.

twitter account withheld

These errors may be due to legal demands, government censorship, or for other reasons, and the content can only be viewed by users in countries where it is not restricted.

The Solution to Bypass "Withhel" errors on Twitter:

Some countries don't have any error messages when they want to access a withheld tweet or Twitter account. The solution is to make Twitter believe that we are in one of these countries. 

To do this, we will use a VPN that will change our virtual location. For this purpose, we are going to use NordVPN as you can connect to a lot of different countries. This way we can choose the country we want and Twitter will think we are in that country. It's as simple as that!

Step 1: Install NordVPN

In order to change our virtual location country, we will use NordVPN:

More than 60 countries are available, and you can use it on all devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. It is one of the easiest and most convenient VPNs to browse Twitter smoothly and without bugs.

Step 2: Open NordVPN and connect to another country

On NordVPN, click on any country and your virtual location will be changed.

To unblock a Withheld Twitter account, you will need to connect to one of the countries that are not listed in the blocked countries. 

nordvpn connected to mexico for twitter

Generally, countries like Mexico and Brazil do not have many restrictions.

Step 3: Open again Twitter and enjoy liberty!

Once connected, you can restart Twitter and access the blocked account or content without restriction. Enjoy free Twitter now.

bypass twitter account withheld

Step 4: Disconnect NordVPN

NordVPN can be disconnected at any time by clicking the disconnect button. You should however leave it connected so that you can access Twitter without any restrictions.

The same applies to other social networks as well. There are some countries where reels videos are blocked from Instagram because of the content, and I am able to unblock them with a VPN. Additionally, this allows me to be anonymous and not to be tracked by trackers.


How to see withheld accounts on Twitter?

By using a good VPN to change your virtual location (country), you will be able to unblock and view withheld Twitter accounts. You will have to choose a country that is not blocked to access the Twitter account and you will find in this article all the detailed instructions to achieve your purpose.

Can Twitter detects VPNs?

Twitter can detect the use of VPNs but the effectiveness of these measures can vary and some VPNs may still allow access to Twitter. By using premium VPNs like NordVPN, we don't have any problem using Twitter and bypassing restricted content. If you use a VPN, it's important to choose a reputable VPN provider with strong privacy and security protections.

Can you unblock the BBC News Punjabi Twitter account with this method?

This Twitter account is only "withheld" in India. If you connect to another country using a VPN and try launching Twitter again, you should be able to access the BBC News Punjabi Twitter account.


It is common for Twitter to block accounts and tweets based on the country where we reside. We can bypass this restriction mechanism by changing our IP address. The IP address helps Twitter to localize us and by changing it with NordVPN we can change our virtual country. 

Thus, Twitter locates us in another country and we can unblock a Twitter account or a Tweet that is blocked in our country. This trick is very effective and works every time to bypass "Withheld" errors on Twitter.

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