How to Watch Netflix if Blocked at Work or School? [2 Methods]

Tom VincentApril 25, 2024
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Having trouble accessing Netflix at your work or school because of firewalls? Well, that’s a standard practice to prevent you from getting distracted from work and learning processes.

These firewalls can stop you from accessing some entertainment sites, such as Netflix. Fortunately, getting around the firewalls put by your admins is now way much easier than you think.

It takes only a few seconds to bypass any restrictions over Netflix and other sites. Let's check 2 efficient methods to unblock Netflix at work or school.

Netflix Blocked

Method 1 – Unblocking Netflix at school or work using NordVPN

The first and easiest method to unblock Netflix is using a VPN service like NordVPN.

By using a VPN, you broadcast your connection from remote servers. In a way, you bypass the checking and monitoring process of the authorities and connect to Netflix directly from another server.

It is easy to operate, offers fast internet freedom with its 5500+ servers spread across the globe and is a beginner-friendly VPN. Furthermore, it is compatible with almost all devices.

Step 1 – Get NordVPN

Step 2 – Launch NordVPN

Next, double-click the NordVPN icon on your desktop. It will launch NordVPN and open an interface like this one:

Launching NordVPN

Step 3 – Connect to a server

You can directly click on "Quick connect" to connect to the fastest server for your location.

Connect a Server

After getting your device connected to the VPN server you selected, the NordVPN interface should look like this with the status saying “Connected”:

VPN connected

Step 4 – Search Netflix or open the Netflix app

Next, open the Netflix website or app to see if the restrictions have been eliminated successfully.

To do so, go to or launch the Netflix app on your device. If the VPN works properly, Netflix should be accessible now.

Netflix Unblocked

To continue bypassing restrictions at school or work, you should leave the VPN connected.

If you don't have a Netflix subscription yet, you can even get a cheaper Netflix account with NordVPN connected to Turkey (tutorial here).

Method 2 – Using Tor Browser

Tor browser, developed by the Tor Project, is another tool that unblocks Netflix for free. Except for Chromebooks and a few other devices, Tor works well for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

It’s open-source software which means everyone can contribute to developing Tor Browser. But from the other perspective, having the source code exposed to Hackers and Snoopers can trigger Cyber Attacks.

Follow the steps below to configure Tor on your device.

Step 1 – Download and install Tor Browser

Click here to download the Tor browser. After downloading it, click the installation file and launch Tor.

tor Browser

Step 2 – Configure and connect Tor Browser

Open Tor Browser and then, click on the Connect button to establish a connection to the Tor servers.

connect Tor

It takes a few seconds to connect.

Step 3 – Open Netflix

Similar to the case of NordVPN, open the Netflix app or browse it. It will eliminate all the restrictions, and Netflix will work properly.

Netflix Unblocked

Step 4 – Disconnecting Tor

Unlike VPNs, where you have to disconnect the service first before closing, Tor terminates all the connections with one click on the close button.

Closing Tor

To use Tor again, you can follow the same steps except for the downloading steps.

Final words

Most workplaces and schools have a strict policy over using the Internet at work or school, leaving workers and students experiencing restrictions over many sites.

However, with the use of NordVPN and Tor, all the restrictions can easily be bypassed.

NordVPN uses proper channels to re-route your data and charges you a very minimal amount. Meanwhile, Tor is free and open-source software that lets you circumvent any restrictions over Netflix and other sites.

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